PS Vita or 3DS

So which do you own, a 3DS, or is it a Vita that sits in your backpack? Some of you will have Vitas and some may have 3DS others may have both or none of the two, but no matter the one/s you own or don’t this article is for you gamer.
that’s right we are all gamers and that is something that defines us as a part of modern society. This factor about ourselves is not reliant on whether we are closet gamers or proud alphas; a gamers is a person that plays video games and you reading this are one.

We humans have a way about ourselves that allows us to see differences between each other and segregate against each other because of these differences. This aspect of humanity has also found it’s way into our passions like gaming and so we gamers separate into groups depending on brands and genres. These groups are often known to dislike and chastise others because they do not belong to their group. These have led to so called console wars that do nothing but promote idle chatter about which system is better, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, when In fact all that matters is the fun “each individual” has while he or she is gaming. I will continue more on this topic in the article (gaming racism) but this article is about my beloved handhelds.

So, like most I have been a part of console wars in the past but never to the point that I would not buy a console because it was the EVIL competition. I’ve always followed the notion that if a game I want to play is not available on the platform I own and my budget allows for a purchase I will get the platform to play it. I now more so than in the past live by this fundamental rule so that I “the gamer” can enjoy my passion without senseless bias. Senseless bias is that strong emotional ignorance that will stop a gamer from buying a Wii to play Zelda because they are quote on quote a “Sony fan”. If you suffer from such a syndrome then don’t worry there is a simple cure. It’s a mental cure that you yourself have to put into practice, this cure can also be used towards other things in your life so pay close attention.

Ok so the first part of the cure is to figure out if you need this new game, not the console but the game that is available for the console because despite popular belief we don’t play consoles we play games (i’m looking at you guy that purchased that special edition that is really just a cosmetic upgrade). granted the console you play on has a bit to do with the experience but at the end of the day we play the games. So to start applying the cure you will need to do simple research on the game/s you are interested in. Watching/reading reviews and metacritic score can help with this. Once you have decided this is the game you want. you can move on to the next step.


If you can’t afford something then there is a very low chance of you getting it unless someone gives it to you, and we’re not talking about that. Also, not because you have the available funds to buy what you want does it mean that you can afford it. Remember you may have other responsibilities before gaming, so deal with them first then if there is extra then and only then can you buy the console needed and the game to play on it. If you’re living on the average Joes budget then put aside a small amount after every pay check until you have enough to acquire what you desire.

If you shop for your games using this format you will never run in to that console war syndrome, because you will buying them based on the games themselves and not what platform they are available for. This will allow for you to experience some of the best your preferred genre has to offer without the ignorants of bias getting in the way. My preferred genre being RPGs and the sub genre of the JRPGs are mostly on handheld platforms here in the west, so far since the first PSP and DS I have owned both Nintendo and Sony handhelds. This is why It’s no surprise that I currently own both a 3DS and PS Vita systems. Both devices being amazing of course.
my Vita
My 3DS
If you were to ask me which to get at this point I’d say get both if you can afford it (use my above cure as a guideline). If you had to choose on of the two go with the one that has more games that you prefer. Currently the 3DS has a larger library of games some of the best being eshop titles so it’s the easier sell, plus there is Pokémon X and Y coming out in October. The vita is no slouch though as it is quickly building momentum and has the backing of PlayStation one ports that as any will know has a strong JRPG catalog.

Battery life
Between the two sets of hardware the Vita is the has a better battery life and battery preservation during sleep modes as it can go for days on a full charge in sleep mode. the standard 3DS however last about 48 hrs at best in sleep. While gaming the Vita also has the edge as it will clock a nice 5hrs and that’s with all my setting on the max. the 3DS does not fare quite as well as she seems to barely make 3 hrs with everything at max.

There are more 3DS in the hands of gamers than Vitas put that together with the fun times connected with the obsession that is streetpass and 3DS has your moneys worth in this regard. The street pass system with mii plaza is one if not the most addictive feature about the 3DS. If you live in a dense modern city you will quickly grow to love this feature and gladly keep your 3DS in your pockets at all times. it’s size and design also go a long way to encourage this type of on the go metagame. The vita doesn’t fare so well as it is basically a mini home console. It doesn’t have much multiplayer features built in to the hardware that all users can use straight out the box. But you can over look multiplayer when you have persona 4: golden (btw if you buy a vita you should buy this game Immediately). 


The 3DS currently has more games sadly a lot of the best ones are stuck in other regions because of region locking, btw go sign this petition: link to help sway Nintendo to get rid of region locking on their consoles. Due to the physical number of vitas in the handheld echo system it is no wonder that the vita has less games than the 3DS. this may mean you have less to choose from when looking for games but you can sleep good knowing that there is no region lock on it, now if only Sony will allow multiple PSN accounts on the device and drop the price of memory cards.

Ok I think that just about sums up the current gen of handhelds. I hope this helps someone stuck on the fence about which to buy.

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  1. I’m skimmed the article and for me there is only one question you should ask. Which game library fits more my gamestyle? You shouldn’t buy a PS Vita when you are more drawn to the 3DS games but some features of the Vita are better then the 3DS.

  2. I have both and alternate between the two based on whichever one I am recharging 🙂 Right now I am playing Corpse Party on the Vita and Inazuma 11 Three/Virtue’s Last Reward on the 3DS.

    1. you are so lucky I only got to play the first two inazuma eleven games on the DS. I’d love to import the third game for the 3DS but damn region lock makes that a lost cause.

      1. That’s a shame. With football becoming more popular in the states and the addictive Pokemon like nature of recruiting players you’d think the game would do well in the USA.

        1. It’s the same with most other level 5 games. I think it has to do with the kid of reception they get here in the west. most western gamers don’t play much rpg’s so maybe developers have a problem with porting them for the west but they should at least make it region free so that importers like me can get the game legit.

  3. I own both and I enjoy them both immensely. Having the freedom of playing any game from each device/company is wonderful. I know not everyone can afford this and is unrealistic to some so I guess I am one of the lucky ones. Nintendo and Sony have great games so I guess I am one of the lucky ones. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. For some it’s the games that matter, others the experience that the handheld offers besides gaming. It’s the best of both worlds for me and that goes for my consoles as well. Cheers! Great article 🙂

  4. I don’t have either, but am hoping to win the 3ds giveaway. Fingers crossed.

    I totally agree with you. The ita has much better specs, while the 3DS has a vast game library.

    Also, I signed the petition. 🙂