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Pokemon_The_Origin_PosterI grew up in the 90’s and as any 90’s kid would tell you we all watched Pokémon, and if you didn’t it was because your parents were just so uptight that you were not allowed to watch it Sad smile. I personally remember that as a Kid in Primary school I would run home from school every afternoon to make it home in time just to watch the newest episodes of Pokémon. I would resent any teacher that dared to keep us back for extra work or detention (my class got that a few times we were naughty Angry smile). I remember this one time my little sister was eating crackers and one fell and rolled behind the tele. she being my younger sister went behind the tele to get it, shock the table it was on and the tele fell to the floor. At that point the addiction was so strong that I would listen to Pokémon the radio, one of our local channels that ran the series had a radio station.I would listen to the episode, Imagine the episodes and then go to school the next day to discuss it with my friend, never daring to be the first to start mind you, but always a part of the conversation.
Ok so some years have passed since I was a kid and I no longer watch Pokémon. It has nothing to do with the fact that I am an adult and think I’m too old for the series, it’s because of the fact that the series has become stagnant. It’s the same reason I stopped reading Bleach a while back and the reason I have not finished some of the newer Pokémon games. This is however not an unforeseen thing because Pokémon’s demographic are Kids around the general age of 10 and so the appeal and material in the show is made with them in mind. It’s the reason the main character never ages (not virgin blood). This leaves some of us older Pokémon Fans feeling that we’ve been thrown on the way side for the younger generation. For some time that was the popular belief and most of us just read the manga (is actually so much better than the Poop on tele these days). But now I think that the Pokémon company has realized that there are still older fans of the franchise.

Pokémon: The Origin is a new Anime based on the main characters from the original Pokémon Red, Green and Blue Games. This new series will be out in Japan starting October 2 this year and will run alongside the Pokémon X and Y series (a continuation of the current Anime). From what I’ve seen it will have the original Pokémon and even their gym leaders like Takeshi (Brock).  As an older Pokémon fan this series looks to be the one that will be bring the older crowd back to the series, and that is good for the games because as anyone knows the games and anime go hand in hand in creating that immersion that we crave in our games.

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  1. I’m actually really freaking excited for this. As a giant competitive Pokemon fan, I can’t wait to go on a nostalgia trip when this releases to the states.

    1. why not watch the fan sub now if you can and the re-watch it when it officially hits US shores. a lot of the BSF have already watched it already watched it in fansub, highly worth it.

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