Boruto the Movie Final Showing

Boruto the movie final showing

Ever wanted to watch the latest Naruto movie ON THE BIG SCREEN?

Of course you do!

Well, for two days, you’re in luck (at least, if you’re in the U.S.).  VIZ Media, partnered with Eleven Arts and Fathom events, are holding a special screening of the original Japanese version (with english subtitles) of the widely acclaimed Boruto:  Naruto the Movie over the course of 2 days (Sunday, December 13 at 12:55 pm local time and Monday, December 14 at 7:00 pm local time).

So what’s so special about this “special screening”?  Well, besides the fact that you get to watch it IN THEATRES, which is already an incentive enough, there are special introductions and opening remarks made by the great Masashi Kishimoto himself as well as Junko Takeuchi (VA for Naruto).

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In BORUTO: NARUTO THE MOVIE, Naruto has finally become hokage, but one problem still remains:  he can’t seem to have any time for his son, Boruto, due to his duties as the village’s leader.  So how does Boruto cope with this?  Why, in the most Naruto-esque way possible:  he does pranks and other sorts of obnoxious practical jokes all over the village to get the attention of his daddy-dearest.  The annual chuunin exams are being organized, and Boruto, as well as Sasuke’s own daughter Sarada, is one of the participants.  However, Sasuke comes back to the village to warn Naruto of an impending danger that’s coming, something that can shake its very foundations.   
If you’re a fan of Naruto in any level at all, this movie should be a fantastic watch, being a nice little epilogue story for the Naruto franchise.
Because HEY, it might’ve ended, but who says more Naruto is a bad thing?
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