NekoJonez: Update Blog #1: I’m Back



Oh hi there. It’s true that in November I took a bit of a break from writing. Sometimes it’s better to rest and concentrate on things. So, I’m going to try to keep this update article short. To tell you guys what’ll be going on, planned articles and various other things. So, let’s avoid long introductions and let’s get to the meat and bones of this article. 

Reason of break

To be quite honest, I didn’t plan this break into my life. I adore writing and I wanted to write a new article daily. Yet, I felt like my creativity wasn’t up the normal level I have at writing articles. So, I didn’t finish them.

College has been “harsh” on me. Many things have been coming on to me. From a load of assignments to lots of things that we need to study. And the time I got from stopping YouTube, I used to do some college work.

Also, I have been addicted to Minecraft, since I play on a server from a friend. I met him through my guest appearance on his stream. Yet feel free to check out his YouTube channel. So, I’m on a server called the “FireServer”. A private whitelisted server. This’ll be extremely exciting since I’ll do a lot of guest appearances in video’s. (For helping redstone stuff).

In addition to that, I have been finishing games. To write articles about and since some I started, those take up a bit more time to finish and then to make up my mind for the article.

So in short, I have been busy with college and preparing myself for a new bunch of articles. And before you ask me, what’s coming… Well, let’s just take a look at that.

Oh, and these articles will be listed underneath personal. Just because I’m kinda tired lately when I come home and making a new category for this is a bit too overwhelming to maintain.

The future

So, a few podcasts with me’ll arrive shortly. Together with Q I talk about a lot of things that annoyed me in the gaming community and other places. And also about my personal life. I’m pretty excited how it will turn out. Yet, you will have to excuse him for being so busy. And I might do a give-away soon, on one of these podcasts.

I’m nearly done with Phoenix Wright – Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies. So, prepare to see later tonight or this week-end an extra long article about it. Why extra long? Since I feel this game deserves it and to apologize to take such a long break.

Also, I’m working on a new Android games article. Where I’ll present some awesome new games I’m playing lately on my tablet during college breaks.

Game Diary’s will soon return with a new article on ButtonSmashers as well. I’m ready to create a new one. In addition, I feel like I’m ready to write a new creepypasta article too!

And some games deserve a first impression article! Some on 3DS, some on PSP and some on PC. So, that will be interesting.

Anyways, I think I covered it all. Thanks for reading and hopefully until the next blog! Take care.