NekoJonez: Update blog #2: I’m busy. So freaking busy.

versatile-blogger-award-imageHello Neko’s. NekoJonez here. Yeah, it has been quite some time since I have written a full blog now. It has been nearly 10 days. But don’t worry, I have an excuse. Well, not really an excuse, but something to announce. I’m so busy for a change. I get too tired to write decent enough articles. But I’ll try to keep this short m’kay?


Okay, I haven’t had time for writing this article because college asks a lot of attention from me now. I have to prepare myself on exams in two months and I have a lot of assignments to write. In addition to that, I have few courses to prepare to teach in my class.

And above that, I have been relaxing a lot. Possibly I have taken a small break from blogging. I’ll return soon. Don’t you guys worry. But that will probably be in December – January. Since then work gets more spread so I can find a bit more time.

Lucky me, I have a few projects to talk about! But follow me on my Twitter if you want to keep up to date with me.


So, I asked my friends from Arpegi to create a new banner and such for my blog. I’m truly excited with what comes out of it. Something amazing for sure!

Also, I have a few articles in preparation. From a few first impressions to some reviews. Also, I’m preparing a bunch of articles outside of reviews.

And I’m on a Minecraft server now with YouTubers. I’m truly blessed of being on that server. I’m enjoying myself a lot. I feel right at home. So yeah. I’m in several live streams of that server. Go ahead and watch them at my previous blog.

Also, I have been updating my forum here and there. Fixing bugs and adding new features. I have a major update planned with some big bugs fixes and some new fun features.

Anyways, in short, I’m working behind the scenes a lot and I’m extremely busy with real life. I hope you can understand that I slow down the articles to maintain the quality I have. Thanks for understanding and until the next time!