every !so! often she slips away

If you have just started reading this without reading the first part. Please go back and read /listen to it , because this is a continuation to the story and to truly appreciate it you will need context. For those of you who have been following from the beginning don’t be surprised by the change in setting. It is just that setting. The characters remain the same and so does the plot.


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When Last we met our Captain he had found himself entangled in a relationship with a beauty that knew no other. Our Captain who was use to piloting his ship alone with strict and rigid rules was now plummeting to the center of a vortex where his beautiful mermaid resided. He who was not swayed easily by others was now sinking deeper and deeper into her embrace. An embrace he found himself longing for more than he thought he would.

The Mermaid, she had a beauty like no other. though she bore mental and physical scars our captain saw them only as a testament to her strength, and he grew to love them as only he could. She was the kind of creature that would stubbornly deny his advances and at the very last second accept him and whisk him away causing him to loose all faith in anything but her. As these informal courting rituals continued between them he found himself becoming more an more attached to the beautiful Mermaid, so much so that he started to change. Slowly he lost his ridged grasp on his helm and the wheel was allowed to be more flexible. Then out went his crew as they had seemed slightly insignificant in comparison to her.

The last thing to go was his heart which he eventually ripped from his chest and offered to her. She accepted his gesture and seemingly offered hers as replacement.


Now if you know anything about most living organisms, you will know that some require a steady beating heart to continue their existence.

As our Captain had found his love he had decide to surrender himself to her and start thinking about their future, for it is not a usual occurrence for a ship captain to fall for a creature of the deep and equally so for her to fall for him. He was the optimistic type so he threw away his fears and began to ask the hard questions, making sure not to leave out any of the important parts. They talked about children, Homes, lifestyles, locations and more. At the beginning it became apparent that she was uncomfortable with the topics and would prefer for him to slow down a bit, and she expressed these wishes. Sadly the Captain so accustomed to having his own way and continued to asked the questions if only a tad bit less frequently, because as he saw it they were important. She reluctantly followed his lead and for a time everything was at it’s best.

As time passed the Captain had to go back to shore and as she was a creature of the sea she was not able to join him. He knew that she had become accustomed to his presence and in some ways clung to him, however had to go back to land if he had ever hoped to acquire some form of funds to insure a good future for them. He then suggested his mermaid make some friends to ensure she would not be alone when he went to sure. She reluctantly accepted his suggestion and made some other mermaid friends.


Among these new friends was another mermaid with her own sailor. Our captain felt assured all was well with his love while he was away until he started to here her talk more and more about this others mermaid’s sailor. So he started to inquire, and on one faithful day she told him that this sailor had seen a sacred treasure they alone shared. A treasure She was suppose to keep safe but didn’t. At this point He grew wary but she assured him that all was well with them, and so in good faith he put his fears away and continued as if nothing happened, but the thought burned at the back of his mind.

Not to long after he stared to notice that his mermaid would not come to land to call for him as often as she use to, and when they did meet she would talk about the other mermaid’s sailor. It was at this point that he started to feel her slipping away from him…….


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  1. I soo like ur perspective on things. U r very talented at making short stories. I read both of them and I am so anxious to read the 3rd one. Not only to find out what happened but mostly to see what next short story ur going to write. From what’s going on though she should have just told the truth and left u alone. Some woman just can’t handle a good man in their life.

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