Noragami: First impression: A nice Start

Language: Japanese
Subs: English (horriblesub)
Format: MKV
Type: Anime
Producers: FUNimation Entertainment
Genre: Action, Shounen, Supernatural

Norigami or Stray God is a new fantasy anime series brought to us by the studio Bones who are known for titles like Soul eater and Eureka Seven: AO. The anime is adapted from Adachi Toka’s Manga by the same name. The manga has 9 volumes so far, none of which I have had the pleasure of reading as of this first impression, but I have the intention to do so after watching only 2 episodes of the anime.

Ok so there is probably a bunch of other facts that I can write about this anime and it’s creation but who really cares about that stuff. What you want to know, well most of you I assume is whether the anime is worth your time, and the short answer to that question is yes. So i’m guessing some of you have left at this point never to return Crying face . to those of you that are still reading I will try to go into detail about why I think this anime is worth anyone’s time. Most of all yours.

Noragami was recommended to me by my bro Kadan this past weekend, and I admit I reluctantly take anime advice from Kadan since the tragedy that was Mitsudomoe. That anime was just bad, horrible even, some form of pedo bear fantasy or something Sick smile. Anywho Noragame was the exact opposite of that and so I thank you Kadan for the recommendation. I got my subs from horriblesubs per the recommendation and there are only 2 episodes so far with the next one scheduled for next Sunday (sooo far 🙁 ). So today I set out to watch the first episode with all my expectation at zero. This slowly changed as the first episode progressed. The first thing that won me over was the art style which I find kinda reminds me of what I think Air Gear would look like in HD. Then there is the male protagonist Yato. He is the pinnacle of cool with a drop of a God complex, but then again he is a God and a super one if you ask me. The last thing is the sound track. I have never wanted an OST as bad as I want the one for this anime. It is that good and more.
The opening

Here’s a bit about the plot: Yato is a lowly God attempting to build his own shrine one 5 Yen coin at a time. He dresses super cool in a sweat suit, T-shirt, Fluffy, fluf scarf and fashionable boots. He refers to himself as God Yato though most of the other characters that interact with him call him Mr Yato instead. At the beginning of the first episode his divine Shinki (weapon) quite on him so during the first and most of the second episode he had no way of killing phantom souls when they attack even though he does a good job of knocking them around Open-mouthed smile. He does small jobs and minuscule tasks for only 5 yen each, because how much do you think Gods charge? While on a job to find a cat he is seemingly saved by a girl, Hiyori iki who in the process becomes detached from her body. Normally Yato is not seen by regular humans but some how Hiyori was able to see him. She becomes tangled up with him as she is not dead or alive but some how both and not either.

Hiyori Re-entering her body
Hiyori Re-entering her body

After her near death experience she gains the ability to leave her body and freely move about as a spirit and then return to her body to be a regular girl, Hmm…… kinda like Ichigo in Bleach. At the end of the second episode we were introduced to the cute new Shinki  of Yato named Yukine. He is a young boy spirit that is almost chibi if you ask me. He was found under the light of a vending machine by Yato who immediately makes a some sort of  contract with him. Yukine takes the form of a long katana with a long fabric wrapped around the hilt that continues to flow freely in the wind when he is in his weapon mode.

Yato holding Yukina in his katana form
Yato holding Yukina in his katana form


Now this is just my first impression after only 2 episodes as I stated above, so for all we know this story can start good and turn out to be a total turd by the time the 12th episode is over. All I can say for now it is worth a watch and if it turns out to be a gem you can thank Kadan for sharing it with me. Till that time I bid you Allons-y

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          1. There’s plenty out there to watch. You can never run out I don’t think… Well not with reading manga anyway.

            And certain ones, I like watching again.

          2. I have a few old ones on a HDD to catch on but i don’t feel the urge to watch any of them atm.
            And yeah ur right about manga. I read a lot of manga. You can read more chapters than you can watch episodes in the same amount of time.

  1. This one made it into my list of stuff to watch a while ago. Kind of nearing backlog status now, but I’m likely to get around to it soon. Looks really good.