Legendary Saints IV Review


Returning to Saints Row after not playing the 3rd installment I thought would be a hard thing to do with all the changes the 2nd installment brought to the table, but i was WRONG. Not only was it an easy transition it was a piece of cake. You start off by taking down a Nuke launched by some other country. After that you return to the White House…. Yes the White House the President lives in….. And if you’re not catching on, you’re the President. Now it’s time to create your character. Although it doesn’t have nearly as many options and makes as Skyrim which is the game I compare ALL character creations to, it does have a nice selection that you can have some fun with. After creating your character you head out to a Press Conference. Once there you’re informed some old Saints have to talk about an “Alien Invasion”, BUT before you get a chance BOOM ALIEN INVASION. Now I don’t want to get into the actual story-line because it would ruin it. But I can tell you that the story-line is top notch. They have brought back MANY Characters from Saints Row, and Saints Row 2, and I assume some of the others mentioned are from the 3rd installment, though I can’t verify that for fact.


The Alien race that enslaves you per say are called the ZIN and they are nasty mean creatures. But they do have a few pluses. They are EXTREMELY technically advanced and have created awesome new things for you to explore.


The main mission in this installment is not to defeat rival gangs but however to save all your Homies and defeat the Master Zin Leader. Now i know i’ve been very vague this review but it’s because this game has so many more Twists than all other Saints Rows that I don’t want to spoil all the fun and secrets, and if I mention even just 1 it all kinda unravels.

This is an awesome game take my word it’s a MUST for any GTA/Saints Row fan or junkie.


P.S. I have an obsession with Shandi

Shandi Saints Row IV2 Shandi’s are always better than 1


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