Legendary Skate Review

Upon receiving my PS3 I heard of a game that rivaled Tony Hawk called SKATE. After hearing of this game an it’s revolutionary joystick controls for your feet it had me drawn in.

The Pro’s:
This game is based off true controller control and pose. You have to line your grinds up just right and flick the left and right joysticks in a certain pattern to pull off certain tricks.


The story-line is hands down AMAZING compared to any other skateboarding game I’ve played
The turn of events and Competitions are awesome and very fun (especially for someone who enjoys going to the DEW Tour and other skate comps.)

The Cons:
You can’t get off your board and the graphics are from early PS3 standards.

The Outcome.
I would have have bought this game twice just to replay. It is a lot of fun to head out to the street and try to out do yourself. For the low price of $10 I can’t imagine not having this game in my arsenal to play whenever I get the itch, and believe me you do get the Itch.



Skate 2

This being the second game in the series you know there are HUGE improvements and enhancements.  That being said I loved Skate 2 even more than the original.

The Changes:
Way Better graphics
Better competitions
Improved Sponsor Ships (Team, Trucks,Wheel,Shoes ect.)
Get off the board
improved/more detailed control over board resulting in more hard core tricks.
Custom Deck (don’t remember if SKATE allowed for custom deck)


After being incarcerated for 5 years for breaking into the dam and trying to drop into it, You’re released on bail by Reda. After getting through the training and getting caught up on the new improvements like moving objects and getting off the board. You set out on a mission to retake the city back and work your way back to the number 1 spot. Upon starting the game you realize that the once Skate paradise is now run by MONGO corp and they have all the dream spots locked down by security guards and got all the good rails locked down.

After leaving your starting spot “Slappys skatepark” you set out to take over by doing challenges for Skate mags, vert and street competitions and death races. After completing a certain amount of these challenges you slowly get recognized and through time you get clothing lines shoe sponsor ships, trucks for your deck and wheel companies all knocking on your door. But what makes this game really sweet is when you fight to get on a team. Once your on a team you have team film challenges and HUGE competitions to battle in. This is where i enjoyed the game the most. I loved the feel of the Very and street comps. Not only where they challenging but some where almost near impossible. You could be up on your third and final heat by a few thousand and then a competitor gets a line rolling and now your battling to hold your position.


After taking on the competitions Slappy hands you the Keys to his park and leaves you with a surprise to find. ( No spoiler here)

This game is probably my favorite out of all the Skate series because my love for the online and multiplayer (which Skate3 left out) If you don’t have it you should get your hands on a copy. you’ll love the new features and story-line perfectly aligned with the new joystick sensitivity.

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