Uncharted 3 currently Free to all PS3 owners.

Uncharted 3
If you visit the Plastation Store NOW you should be able to get a copy of uncharted 3 Free. I don’t know how long this particular promotion will last, so I recommend all plastation 3 owners get the game if you don’t already have it. This seems to becoming a trend with publishers. After following the link I have come to the conclusion that this may be only the single player mode, but that’s all you really need in an uncharted game.

The last one to do this being Origin with their Battlefield 3 Giveaway among others.
This is a good step by industry heads as it gives back to the community. I just hope that they start giving games that most of us don’t already own.

Qudduws Campbell

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    1. its the same for me too. I already have it, and so do many other PS3 owners. I only wish they give away games that were not owned by so many already. Something like ni no kuni or an ar tonelico title.