PS Vita love

PS Vita love

Sony’s TGS conference aired earlier today covering all their expected games for the Japanese market in the near future. At gamescon there was so little mention of the PSVita that some press outlets were beginning to announce that the system was dead and that Sony was not supporting the system, and to be honest I also shared some of those thoughts. I love my Vita and play it numerous times a week so it was a bit disheartening to not see much of any mention of new titles, or system updates for it so far during the year. Sony however redeemed themselves by making the Vita their opening keynote of this conference, showing off a lot of new games for the portable, UMD Passport, as well as a new system update, 3.30. With the new update we can expect the addition of themes to the Vita. I am hopeful that themes are not the only addition to this new update and that they add even more in the form of new functionality and features.

It is clear that the Vita is not dead in Japan, and as a vita owner I know that it is not dead here in the west either, but Sony needs to relay that message properly to their market so that consumers do not become even more worried about the system. As always I think a good way to build confidence in the system would be to drop the price of the systems memory cards and do more in the way of advertising the system and its games. They can also do more in the way of cross buy to encourage PS3/PS4 owners to play more on their Vita.

Anywho that’s my two cents on this topic. If you wish to learn more about what I think about it listen to tomorrows Buttonsmashers Podcast episode. So what do you think, do you think the Vita is dead?

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  1. Cross-buy is a huge incentive to own a Vita, pending you actually have a lifestyle that offers free time outside of the house to enjoy it. I find it so hard to play a handheld console when I have all the new stuff plugged in to a big flatscreen at home.

    I’m glad to see them finally show the Vita so love. I know we posted about it earlier at What’s Your Tag?, but hopefully the 250 free PSP game sale will work its way to the west as well.

  2. TBH the vita is the only console i’ve not had any worries about. Firstly Sony made a big fuss of the Vita in the run up to the launch of the PS4, about how t was going to be an integral element, as well as a console in it’s own right. But then we got Vita TV, which is essentially a Vita you plug into your TV.

    Those two elements told me all i needed to know really. As for the quiet, we get that with every console thats past a certain age. The vita just got it’s second incarnation, so they couldn’t announce a 3rd, and there really isn’t a lot else they could do with it. So they spent the ‘quiet’ time working on the OS and improving it there.

    The big problem Sony has is getting developers to support the Vita, which understandably is rather hard. Sony have a history of leaving developers high and dry when it comes to it’s hand helds, so they’ve been reluctant to pick up the console.

    Hopefully, now we’re getting the Vita TV we’ll start to see more. I’m all for JRPG’s, but i don’t want to see the Vita relegated to nothing more than a JRPG machine, especially when it’s capable of so much more