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3DS theme

Yesterday morning I posted an article about the PSVita’s new themes and how to get them. This morning I got up pretty early and to my surprise I saw a blue light on my 3DS.

As far as I was concerned it must be some system update that just changes system performance. Being a bit OCD I had to get rid of the notification light so I then proceeded to update the system (system update 9.0.0-20 U). After completion I was presented with a screen and offered the choice between 6 Free pre-installed themes. Other themes can be found in the Theme store for prices ranging between $0.99 to $1.99 USD.

Unlike Sony’s update the themes were easy to find. The update also added a new screen capture option. This can be activated to capture either the top or bottom home screen by pressing and holding (Y). As long as (Y) is being held down the options to press either (up) or (down) on the D-pad will be presented on the upper screen. Other than those two additions the rest of the changes are more functional orientations for pre-existing features like image share, screen lighting, settings, and power-saving mode.

The E-shop has also been updated to be much easier to use. I can’t yet say how much of an improvement this new update is but rest assured that I will once I’ve had more time with it.

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  1. This was a pleasant surprise for me. I love the new look of the icons at the upper bar and while I haven’t found a theme that I like, I’m happy enough to know that they will be releasing more themes in the future.

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