Devil’s Third: the most unlikely Wii U game

Devils third

Recently while checking my Facebook news feed I somehow stumbled upon a very graphic looking game that I somehow had not seen before, or if I had I had already forgotten. Now usually I’ll see a game like this and respond; “oh interesting putty mouth title, I may get it if I have the extra cash”, but I barely ever write about these types of titles unless I’m reviewing one. This one would have been no different until I got to the end the trailer and saw a big Wii U logo. 😮 Imagine my shock. Now if you don’t know why I’d be shocked you obviously have not seen the game yet so I’ll allow you to do so now.

Ok so we’re all caught up now on what an interesting title this one is and why it would be a surprise that it is on a Nintendo console. Now this is not an unwelcomed surprise in any form or fashion, and I hope that more titles like these make it on to Nintendo devices in the future. So why is Devil’s third so interesting?

Nintendo needs more like Bayonetta

Devils third is an interesting title because of the fact that it is on a Nintendo platform and seems to have a mature setting and theme, however this is not the only reason that this title is so interesting. You see after a short Google search it was revealed to me that the game is not just gonna be released on the Wii U, but will actually in fact be published by Big N themselves. This shocked me even more and so I did a bit more digging and found out that this title was slated for multiplatform releases by the fallen THQ. When THQ went bottoms up the intellectual property rights to Devil’s Third were given back to Valhalla Game Studio and Nintendo took up the publishing duties.
This is a great move for Nintendo, because the Wii U needs more original mature themed games, heck it needs more third party games. By buying into a game like this Nintendo has secured a possibility of another great exclusive franchise like Bayonetta. I hope they continue to acquire more potentially great franchises like this for their platforms going forward, because the market needs the 3 big home console manufactures to remain just that, the 3 big console manufacturers.

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