30-DAY ANIME CHALLENGE! (DAY 10): Favorite Fighter Anime (????)

DAY 10:  Favorite Fighter Anime

This question really baffles me…………









……..dunno why……








……maybe it’s how the question was posed:



“your favorite FIGHTER anime”……….









…….huh………….ok, gotta make this short and sweet:


Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Most of you should’ve seen this one coming.

Not only is this my favorite…..uhhh…….”fighter” anime (I REALLY don’t know why I’m so unsure of that term), but it is probably my favorite shonen EVER.

Decent plot with a couple of twists and turns here and there:  CHECK

Badass main characters:  CHECK

Well-thought action sequences:  CHECK

Fantastic soundtrack:  CHECK

I dunno what else you want me to put:  this anime has the makings of an amazing shonen.  Or at least, a highly enjoyable one that you can just relax and have fun with while you chill on your couch or something.

Ok ok I know a lot of you would claim that One Piece is better, or Naruto is better, or Bleach, or Fairy Tail, or HunterXHunter, or Jojo’s, and while I do accept and comprehend the validity of how one would argue for each respective anime, I feel that Reborn! would be a much better choice, given just how much I had fun with the series as a whole, not just because of it’s shonen aspects.

I mean seriously, this show is about high school students selected to become members of the most powerful mafia organization, and they fight with high-tech weaponry incorporated with “flames” that have 7 unique types and different attributes for each and they have “box animals” that they can utilize in battle and can sometimes turn into STRONGER WEAPONS and there’s time travel and different parallel worlds.

And those are just from the top of my head.

If you guys are interested in checking this show out, AND I SUGGEST YOU GUYS DO, then head over to Crunchyroll, where you can view this show in its entirety in HD.

But hey, if you feel differently, please feel free to comment down below.  Although, I highly doubt the anime that you’ll argue with will have mafias and parallel worlds and time travel and pokemon in it.  Give this show a try and see what you think.  You may be surprised.



AND IF YOU STILL DISAGREE, then I would like to have a word with you…..

See you guys in Day 11!