Moment That Shocked You the Most in Any Anime


DAY 24:  Moment That Shocked You the Most in Any Anime


SPOILER ALERT (OBVIOUSLY) FOR MADOKA MAGICA, SO TRAVEL WITH CAUTION (although at this point you really should’ve seen the show)


Now, the moment that would shock me the most in any anime doesn’t necessarily have to be someone’s death.











But I’m gonna pick a moment like that anyway.

Mami’s Death, Madoka Magica, Episode 3:  “I’m not afraid of anything anymore”

This moment, essentially, was the start of the grim and dark road that Madoka Magica’s plot was gonna tread through, and it only got darker from here.  Ask any Madoka fan on the street, and they’ll probably tell you that this moment is where SHIT HITS THE FAAAAAAN.

Not only does this show throws a monkey wrench at your pre-conceptions of the show, but it also takes that monkey wrench, drenches it with your own tears, and shoves it down your nostrils.  All of your initial notions about how this show is girly and bright and fluffy as heck is all ONE BIG FAT LIE with the unveiling of Mami’s decapitation.  Along with the faces of shock and horror on Madoka’s face was the similar shock and horror on the faces of anime fans everywhere.

And the show was never the same ever again.

Thank you, Urobucher-san.


Well, that was depressing.

If you’re not too depressed to talk about it, maybe you can share what anime moment shocked you the most?

S-see you guys…….in Day 25……..


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  1. Mami was a big one that took me back. But I have to point at Kamina in Gurren Lagann. Not just for the shock factor of losing essentially the coolest character in the show, but for the fact that my brother his this spoiler from me for YEARS. I had no idea when I finally sat down to watch the show. Then boom, the entire tone of the show changed.

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