Say Hello Jibo: The future of personal assistance


What is Jibo?

Jibo is a new home assistant device developed by new company, Jibo inc. He’s like a cross between Cortana, an iPad and wallie, and boy is he cute. I just wanna have one on my desk to talk to me all through the day while I work or maybe join Roger and I on the podcast. The crazy possibilities are endless.

Ok so my personal excitement aside. This personal assistant for the modern home was successfully crowd funded and should see its initial release fall this year. The device consists of a round head with a touch screen, and gyros to allow for movement, and a stationary base which I assume houses some important components that for Jibo’s functionality. The device also mimics human speech quite comfortably and even manages to show its own forms of emotion. It will also connect to your other devices via the internet to help it get an understanding of you. This will allow for it to meet your individual needs and possibly predict the needs of its owner.

jul 15, 2014 15-53

These possibilities and more are what this device promises, all while looking super cute and being engagingly interactive. If the manufacturer meets their promises I see a wonderful future for Jibo and I.

Welcome to the family Jibo. 😉

Qudduws Campbell

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