Welcome to Thebuttonsmashers.com

Welcome the buttonsmashers

Dear Buttonsmashers Family,
If you have been following our site before the date march 1st 2015 you will notice a few changes to the design, mechanics and other aspects of our website. These changes have all been made to ensure a higher quality of published content for you, our family. You will also notice that the website’s name has also been updated from Buttonsmashers Blog to “The Buttonsmashers”. This was done to enhance our reach as a press outlet to allow for greater access to you our family to more exclusive content, events, reviews and more. This name change is however primarily symbolic and will not affect the majority of our content immediately. Any changes that happen now and in the future will be to make the quality of our content better.

The new site will be going through an update process during its first month of activity so you c will notice some additions to it as the month continues, and so we will like to extend an open invitation to all reading this to explore new site, Inform us of any issues that we may have, and of any ways in which we can improve.