Tiny Build Speeds Ahead with SpeedRunner Update!

The game developer Tiny Build has announced that they are rolling out their largest update yet!


Tiny Build Speeds Ahead with SpeedRunner update! The biggest update to the game will be their NEW ranked system! With this new system most of the content will be locked to new players and a XP system will be established to create a leveling aspect. As you level you slowly unlock new characters, weapons, and maps along with the Ranked match being locked until you hit Level 5. The reasoning behind this monumentous change is that they want to have a story unfold as you level up and progress through the game. Tiny Build had this to say

As you level up, you will unlock all this content, and more. The idea is to have a full story unfold as you level up, told through comic books. These will come in later.

New updated Character Screen
New updated Character Screen


Along with the XP system they have also added 50 new playable characters IF  you count the alternate colors as a new character! Along with the characters is new loading screens and many more items they said you will have to discover on your own!

If Speed Runners is a game you’re even slightly interested in you better snatch your copy before the PRICE INCREASE ON JUNE 1st. In this press release Tiny Build stated that they will be increasing their price to $14.99 on June 1st 2015. So make sure if you want to game night it up with us editors on TheButtonSmashers.com that you snatch a copy for a cheap rate!

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  1. Looking forward to playing tonight and tomorrow. gonna have to unlock all my players again but I think that’s gonna make things interesting 😉