“CrossCode” — Unique ARPG Coming in 2016!

What the heck is CrossCode, you ask? Well, I had no clue this game even existed until about two months ago when I stumbled across it on Game Jolt. There, it was included as a browser-based demo to enjoy, and being sucked in by the awesome-looking 16-bit aesthetics, I gave it a try for around 30 minutes. Really enjoying what I saw, I visited their main website, downloaded the demo being played in the video attached, and had a blast of it. Thus, you can imagine my sadness upon discovering that the full game would not be made available until 2016.

CrossCode is a really fun action-RPG being developed by Radical Fish Games. In it, they present a vision of the future in which MMOs have evolved to where they actually take place in physical reality. Case in point: CrossWorld. There, players log in with a special interface and “connect” to android-like avatars that have a sensorial connection to the real player. These avatars are living and exploring the world of a distant planet, the game itself being staffed and maintained by real people on the physical planet. This setting in itself is very interesting, but it’s merely a jumping off point for a very complex story that even with the tease presented in the first hour of play will begin to real you in!

The game was recently greenlit on Steam, so you can actually gain Early Access now if you would like. As of this video, the demo here is the only thing you’d get for said Access, but if you are patient, future demos will be released that will only be for those who bought the game on Steam.

So, be sure to check out their main website (demo included!) or visit their official Steam page!

Jessica Brown

Retro Games and Technology Editor. She'll beat pretty much every Mega Man game without breaking a sweat.

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