Fallout 4 first look

fallout 4 first look

Yesterday a count down appeared on Bethesda’s website, and today after it reached zero we got the first trailer for Fallout 4. Many of us here at thebuttonsmashers.com have played fallout 3 and we all moderately liked the game. We each had a few grievances with it, but the overall consensus was that we liked it, so its safe to say that we are pretty much looking forward to the next game in the franchise. The trailer showed a lot more of the fourth entry than I was expecting. We even got to see the main character, who we assume will be editable given that past games in the franchise protagonists were.

We also got to see some of what the world should look like. The in game locations Bethesda chose to show in this trailer were stunning, featuring some amazing lighting effects that grabbed my attention. Then there’s the dog. Many fallout players formed a bond with the dog in the third entry, and so I’m sure they will be very pleased to see it making a return.

Personal thoughts

From what I can gather from the trailer. The gaming is looking to be an upgrade from the previous entries from a visual point of view. Its going to be a  current gen exclusive (PS4, Xbox One, & PC) so Bethesda who are better known for their PC pedigree should be able to squeeze out their best looking/ playing game ever.  This is not to say that this is an instant preorder,  because we have yet to play/ see any actual gameplay. I say lets just bask in the knowledge that a new fallout game has been announced, and wait till E3 for anymore potential information.


if you’d like to hear more of my thoughts on this topic, then I suggest you listen to the Buttonsmashers podcast.

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  1. hahahaha sorry but i found “Bethesda who are better known for their PC pedigree should be able to squeeze out their best looking/ playing game ever” to be bloody funny!

    Seriously Q, i love you like a brother, but at times i think you’ve had a bit to much curry!! Bethesda PC pedigree is in the dirt, they haven’t developed a single game that works properly. Every game they’ve released, Fallout 3, Vegas, Skyrim, were all buggy pieces of shit on release, wasn’t until the modding community got their hands on them and fixed them that they became decent games.

    Honestly, i think this will be the same, a POC when it launches, which Bethesda will know about, and it wont be fixed until the modding community steps in and fixes it!

    1. what i mean by their PC pedigree is that the game should look/ run a lot better because of the architectural similarities between the current generation, and PC. I didn’t state that it was going to be without bugs, but rather that it would be “their” best looking slash running game because they wouldn’t have to consider multiple different console architectures while developing the game.

      1. I am looking forward to get this game on PC. I will not pre-order this game, because Bethesda has a bad history of not fixing their bugs. It seem like gamers gives Bethesda a free pass every time. Other companies like EA (our favorite of all time), and Ubisoft have pull this stunt got trolled hard.

        They take advantage of modders to fix their broken game. The players takes a hugh risk to install “unofficial fix” software hoping not come across any malware. On top of, that they never finish products people check out their souce code and seen unfinished coding. It doesn’t kill the game, but why have unused code if they are not going to use the code in the 1st place. It just take up disk space.

        Hell, if it wasn’t for the moders everyone would have stop playing Bethesda’s games years ago. They add so much content to keep their games alive for many years.