Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ a joke?


I know, this has been talked about on the site already, but I just gotta talk about it.


Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’



First off to give you information about myself, I am NOT a Dragon Ball fanboy; my exposure to dragon ball has been Dragon Ball Z kai’s Frieza arc, Cell arc and three movies: Cooler’s revenge, The Return of Cooler, and Super Android 13! That being said I enjoyed the movie thoroughly with the added bonus of viewing it on the big screen.



Understand the movie was really easy as it IS Dragon Ball we’re talking about, but there were things that I didn’t get probably due to not watching the “prequel” Battle of the Gods. I didn’t really mind not know things anyway because the whole movie was a joke. Not in a bad way, but it’s the producers knowing that Dragon Ball is basically meme central and that the audience is not gonna take the movie too seriously. Do you need examples?

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And another example from the movie?

this isn't even my final form frieza meme dragon ball z resurrection f 2015


Yes, I actually found myself smiling for the entire movie. Props to the script writers for making the funniest dialog I have ever heard from DBZ such as the interactions between Goku and Vegeta. I also LOVEEEE the introduction, making the audience wonder if we were watching the right movie by putting us in a unusually light and fluffy setting , uncharacteristic of Dragon Ball until we saw Frieza on screen.




If you’re a DBZ fan, you’ve probably already watched it. If you don’t know that much about Dragon Ball and have even the slightest interest in Dragon Ball, I highly recommend Resurrection ‘F’ as long as you have already watched Battle of the Gods.