10 of my favourite Yu-gi-oh cards

Ahhh yu-gi-oh. We all had those days, didn’t we? Recently I found my yu-gi-oh cards I thought were thrown out and I was just filled with joy, so to celebrate this reunion, I thought I’d share my favourite yu-gi-oh cards.


1.Pot of Duality


This card was my first secret rare and valued at $150 back in the day… unfortunately I was naïve boy back in the day, but still remains a special place in my kokoro.


2.Scrap Dragon


My first ultra rare and it valued at $30 back in the day. I loved this card so much that I even started building a scrap deck. Right now the deck 95% complete, but it’s not up to date with the current meta.


3. Earthbound Immortal Cusillu


My first ultimate rare card and probably valued at $5 back in the day. It was a card that was not played, but it looked pretty at least.


4.The Wicked Eraser


My first Shonen Jump card. Shonen Jump used to be sold at shoppers drug mart, but has vanished from stores and is now subscription only.


5. Chimeratech Fortress Dragon


Another Shonen Jump card that I love because of its insane ability to suck in your opponent’s monsters and bring out this badass with the ability to kill your opponent in two attacks.


6. Lava Golem


When I first started playing yu-gi-oh, the first deck that I bought was the Marik deck and I thought this card was crazy because of the combos that can happen.


7. EXODIA!!!!!!!!!


How can anyone not like Exodia? I mean people might hate coming across them in tournaments, but it’s Exodia.


8.Tower of Babel


Holy shit did I love to troll with this card. In an instant your opponent is dead, how awesome is that!


9. Self-destruct Button


It’s a god damn tie! On a scale of one to cheese, how cheesed would you feel?


10. Trap monsters

TikiSoul-BP02-EN-C-1E Tiki-Curse_28785 51QQ9Hwnx-L._SY300_

I found them so interesting and because they have their own special rules. They’re not monsters, but they also not traps. I loved it.

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