Developer Red Fly wants to revive Canceled Darth Maul Game

Darth Maul Game


The next chapter in the Star Wars movie franchise is just approximately a month away, which has lead to a lot of Star Wars related news popping up all over the interwebs. One of which happens to be the potential resurrection of a cancelled Darth Maul game.

The game in question, (Battle of the Sith Lords) was being developed by Red Fly Studio, who developed the Wii version of Star Wars: the force unleashed II. According to the developer it was supposed to be a stealth action game that featuring Darth Maul as the protagonist. It was supposed to follow his life from age nine all the way to before the events of the Phantom Menace. The game was also originally planned to be a Nintendo exclusive , however it was said Nintendo didn’t meet the “financial demands to make it a first party project”. After that the game continued being developed as a multi-platformed title, but after the lucasfilm buyout by Disney all contact between Lucas arts and Red Fly ceased.


With a new movie on the horizon, and a new Battlefront game, Red Fly is planning on pitching their game to the current holder of the Star Wars console and PC games license, EA (Electronic Arts). They are apparently working on a new demo with hopes that it impresses EA enough into reviving the game. They have even stated that they are willing to re-skin the game to fit with what EA have in mind for the Star Wars video game franchise going forward.

Here’s hoping that they are able to convince EA and Disney, because I’m very confident that many Star Wars fans would be very much interested in getting the game, are you?


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