My Hero Academia Best Girls!

Warning: If you are only following the My Hero Academia anime, then there may be characters mentioned in this list that you’ve yet to encounter. I’ll try to avoid as much spoilers as I can while sharing who I believe to be My Hero Academia Best Girls.


Ahhhh… best girl! What makes a character best girl? What makes her transcend her pairs to reach new heights that few waifus may achieve?

Well, the simple answer is me… awkward silence… ok, not just me, but rather the person making the list. That person happens to be me right now, so ME!

My Hero Academia is currently the hottest new anime franchise about, and as such I’ve decided to give it an entire week of coverage across our entire site with new videos on all our YouTube channels, editorial, podcasts, and more. Speaking of which, there’s already something up now. That Beautiful Life Episode 238 features a mention of the series as a bit of a prelude to the week ahead so make sure to check that out if you haven’t. You can find it on iTunes, acast, most other podcast apps, as well as on here.

With pleasantries taken care of, how about we get into this list? It will feature the 7 best girls (ladies) from the popular series in an ascending order of bestness. I’ve also taken the time to highlight facts and the aspects that I like most about each of them.

7 – Mitsuki Bakugo (Bakugo’s Mom)

When I decide to do My Hero Academia Best Girls I had no idea how difficult it would be to find female characters that I truly liked in the series. There are a lot of cute characters, and the obvious smexy ones, but that’s not enough to be best girl. Nope, we need the cream of the crop, the best of the best in not just looks, but also that oh so desirable personality goodness, and that’s where Mitsuki Bakugo makes her entry.

When introduced to her I was quite taken aback, because I was curious about what young Bakugo’s home life must be like for the dude to be spitting fire at anyone who so much as looks at him for too long. Oooh… and he gets it all from his momma, ooooh momma. Mitsuki hasn’t been shown much in the anime, and even in the manga she really only gets to show her glory during the family visits for the dorms. Oh but in her limited appearances she delivers. She totally steals the panels while she’s on them and even has young Bakugo in a submissive state. I mean who does that? This is Bakugo we’re talking about.

With her fiery personality, messy hair that reminds me of one of my other waifu crushes, Tomo-chan from Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! and that last discrimination panel that reads: “He (her husband) met Mitsuki on the job, and she hit in him very aggressively”, with that I was sold. She reminds me of the girl that say, “I want some dick!” My kinda lady. Women with passion are Hot, Hot, Hot!

Just look at the difference between her and Deku’s mom. (Yes her quirk has something to do with it, but still, hot)

She’d probably be higher on the list, but sadly as mentioned before she’s not made much appearance so far in the series.

6 – Fuyumi Todoroki

Fuyumi is the older sister to Shoto, Todoroki from class 1A. She too has also not made much appearances in the series, in fact I think she’s shown up less than Mitsuki. I will even admit I’m more attracted to Mitsuki than her.

“Hear that Bakugo? Tell your dad he better not slip up, because if he slips, I’ll slide right in that step daddy role, son.”

Wait, what was I talking about again? Oh, right, Fuyumi. Well she’s got the cute girl look going for her with the glasses, along with a sort of sub mom role thanks to her mom being in the hospital. All thanks to their dad mind you, which seriously confuses me. Like how the frak can Endeavor be a hero, number two hero (man’s not accepting that default number one shit and neither am I), and yet he put his wife in the hospital. People in hospitals are there because they’re sick so I’m assuming dudes a wife beater, them people lower than dirt to me “spit”. I know they say he had her admitted to a mental hospital, but I don’t buy that that’s all he did.

Oh crap, my bad, went off on another rant again. So, Fuyumi, girl is cute. Love her white and red hair, and most of all she makes this list because she has potential. More than Mitsuki at this point in time hence the reason she’s higher. You see, she’s listed as a teacher in another school, as well as having an unnamed ice quirk. Which leads me to believe that with enough time she’ll probably establish herself in a bigger role as more schools are introduced.

Girl gots potential!

5 – Himiko Toga

Here comes the crazy… Himiko was a tough addition to the list, because I don’t really have a yandere itch. As a member of the League of villains she’s easily unlikable, being an antagonist and all, and quite frankly if this were a best villains list she may not even make the cut, but it’s not and she way better than most of the other ladies in the series.

Why is she better?

Himiko’s short unkempt school girl look reminds me of corpse party, and her ability to transform into people using their blood makes it so much more creepy. So again why is she here on the list? The short answer is that it’s partially because of that ability of hers. You see during a significant part of the Provisional Hero License exam arc she looked like Camie.

This…. is Camie!

Oh and while impersonating Camie she decided to go nude, and CHEESUS LORTH! I was sold in that moment. Himiko is also a very capable combatant. She attacks pro heroes without hesitation and even manages to best em. In essence Himiko makes the list because she was a better Camie than the original. For that reason and her ability to transform she makes the list. Hmm, now just gotta figure out how to get her some of Mila Kunis & Scarlett Johansson’s blood without her killing me. She is a villain after all.

4 – Kaoruko Awata

Bubble girl is a character by the fans for the fans, and I found that out after I’d already drafted her as a possible nominee for this short list. When I first saw her character I couldn’t resist the levels of kawaii she had to offer. The more I learned about her, the more I liked and before I knew it she was on the list. As one of My Hero Academia Best Girls she meets the criteria effortlessly.

Awata’s light blue skin complexion makes her stand out more than the other ladies on the list and outfit. Oh that outfit. Love me some under boob, and them leggings though…

Awata is the sidekick for Sir Nighteye, who happens to be All Might’s former sidekick. She seems to serve as his secretary, but she’s also shown to be quite capable in battle. Her brief panel time really sucks, but similar to momma Bakugo, she steals the spotlight. Not in the same way, but rather due to her overwhelming levels of kawaii. I hope she gets more development in the future, because we need more of her adorableness.

3 – Mei Hatsume

Oh me or Mei. I wanted Mei higher on the list, but after some careful deliberation and a few hail Michaels it was clear that she couldn’t get any higher than third. This gear head has all the qualities to go all the way to the top. She’s cute, has a cool hair color, glasses, is an actual nerd, and she’s totally unaware of her hotness or what’s inappropriate or not. She’s the ideal airhead just begs to be corrupted, but like Fuyumi before her, she mostly has potential going for her.

Mei made a few notable appearances in the series, with her two most major ones coming in the Final Exams Arc along with a nice sourcey bit with Deku.

She even manages to seemingly get Uraraka jealous to the point that I thought we’d be treated to a love triangle. Ahhh but that was just a farce. Nothing came of it as she seems to not even give a damn about Deku, just her inventions. As mentioned before she just happens to not know what’s inappropriate. Oh and she doesn’t bathe much… urr… I don’t know what to make of that really, but I like me some Mei. She’s one of the most intriguing characters in the entire series and I hope they manage to give her more development in a future arc.

2 – Tsuyu Asui

Finally our penultimate girl, Asui-chan!!! I didn’t Always like her, but like good wine she just got better with time, and before I knew it she was one of my favorites. Asui is a girl with frog like features, and abilities. When we’re first introduced to her she mainly able to jump and use that long tongue of hers. Oooooh… that tongue though, right?

Very early in she was presented to us as a very dependable character. Her abilities weren’t the most flashy, but she was quite effective with them. As time progressed she’s become even more capable with her abilities, and she even learnt some new ones. In fact during the Internship Arc she’s one of the most prominent characters. She even outshines the ace of their team, Nejire Hado who is a complete powerhouse.

As for her design it’s become even better with time. Which is to expected as the artist becomes better at illustrating the characters. This is most apparent during the none battle sections. The most noteworthy being a moment when she’s apologizing to her friends for not having their backs. During this moment Asui gets emotional, and it’s such an adorable presentations of her character that I couldn’t hold back my awwws. If not for our number one girl she’d easily take the My Hero Academia Best Girls top spot. She’s dependable, adorable, and that tongue though, right?

My Hero Academia Best Girls #1 pick is…

1 – Ochaco Uraraka

And so the number one spot goes to none other than the main heroine, Uraraka. The authors favorite girl and mine too. She’s thick in all the right ways and adorable from head to toe. As soon as she was introduced I was mesmerised, and the more I progress with the series the more that feeling solidified.

It was made quite clear early in the series that Ochaco would be main character, Midoria’s love interest. She’s first shown to us during the entrance exam being protected by Deku. After they make it into the school she talks to him casually making him all flustered from talking to a cute girl. She’s later shown to be flustered from talking to him as well, and even jealous when Mei gets too friendly with him. When her classmates notice her affection for him they tease and  even use it to their benefit in battle.


Everything about her is super cute and she’s got some cool abilities to boot. Her ability to control the individual gravity of an object is basically an excuse for her to just blast villains into orbit. She’s mainly used it as a support ability, but with time I think we’ll begin to see some devastating uses of this ability. She’s also got one of the most sentimental reasons for wanting to become a hero. Heck every time she’s on a panel I just want to “awww” or hug her.

So….. this is my list for My Hero Academia Best Girls. Feel free to share your top 7 with me and thanks for reading.

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