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So people have been wondering how good One-Punch Man is.

Well for those not into Marvel or DC besides the awesome stream of movies coming out in the upcoming years, this your gateway to the ‘superhero’ genre, even if it’s just toying and messing around with it. One-Punch Man is about Saitama, an ordinary man, living an ordinary life, till he suddenly decides to follow he lifelong dream of becoming a superhero after a strange encounter. The show takes everything you know about your typical superhero and dumb it down to a point where you don’t question anything, like how all he did to get overpowered was follow these four easy steps.



Even though the doesn’t fully explain anything, it’s still worth the watch because it’s amusing to see this unbeatable human. It reminds me of a movie that watched a while back called ‘John Wick’. It was Keanu Reeves, one of the first actors I knew the name of, and he was an ex-hitman who went on a rampage because someone pissed him off. It’s pure fun cause you know he’s untouchable and same goes to One-Punch Man.


The show also has a comedic side if you couldn’t tell from these pictures:


JK Madhouse did a great job with how everything looks especially Saitama himself; switching back and forth from his silly look and his serious look. I also think making him look lame makes him more memorable because being serious and uptight is too mainstream; there are literally millions of superheroes to a point where if you can think of the super-power, a super hero that revolves around that power has most likely been created. So how do you make him stand out? Make him look bald and idiotic!


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  1. What i liked more about the show is that he has some interesting Morals for a hero. It actually shows the Superman Complex in a different light. Someone so powerful yet so bored instead of upholding Justice in a duty bound way just does what is right to them when they feel like. He also has a penchant to do normal things instead of go around loking for people to save etc.

    the Later arcs with a character (wont spoil) he meets empathizes this alot more.
    I actually like Genos more than Saitama too. he’s more relatable to me 😛

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