Tales of Zestiria tops steam sales with confusing release

Tales of zestiria Steam release

It’s finally release day for the next entry in the Tales series, and the best part is that this time it’s available on not only home console.

While making it’s first leap to the PC Tales of Zestiria has managed to somehow come out on top as the current top selling game on steam making it the biggest PC Title to be released so far this month. There’s just something wonderful about seeing one of your favorite IP’s selling well on steam. That is no small feat, and if the game is as good as I’m hoping then I’m sure there will be many more Tales games to follow it’s lead soon.

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However all that nice stuff aside there are a few things confusing about the PC release. The most notable of them being that the game was not preloaded. Preloading is the process of downloading the game to the users system prior to release of a game, so that it is ready to be played on release day. It’s one of those features that makes the move to an all digital future that much more intriguing, and it’s a bit weird when developers don’t take advantage of it, especially when the same title uses the very same feature on another platform. The other issue that I think is shared among the PC crowd that have pre-ordered this title is that the time of day for the release has not been confirmed.

New titles are usually released at midnight. That means somewhere between the 12 am and 1 am window. It’s 6:53 am (-4:00) as of my writing of this article and still the game has not been made available for download to my PC, and with the poor showing from so many recent triple A titles on the PC I can’t help but feel a bit worried about this one. Unfortunately worrying does nothing for us so for now we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed and hope that all will be well with the title post release.

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According to a notice on the games steam store page, the game will be available for download at 6 pm (-4:00) today.

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