Deep in Pagan Ruins in “Oath in Felghana!”

After returning to the town of Redmont having cleared out the Abandoned Mines of all threats (for now), we discover that Father Pierre, the local priest, has gone missing. The bishop says that he went to investigate something at a pagan ruin site northeast of town called the Illburns Ruins, so naturally Adol agrees to head there next.

After talking to the mayor, Elena, and others in town (and getting a few goodies in the process), it’s off to the ruins with us. The ruins feature a bunch of new enemies as well as branching paths and places to explore. Like the mines before it, this area requires backtracking later to actually complete it, but for now it’s a good place to level and build up some gold.

The boss here is Chester, Elena’s brother, who we found out is working as the senior knight for Count McGuire. Chester certainly isn’t a pushover, but once we learn his attack patterns he isn’t all that bad. Yet, defeating him is only part of the battle, because doing so lands Adol in a hot (literally!) situation.

What happens next? Watch on to find out!

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