New Humble Bundle – Paizo’s Pathfinder

So I bought the new Humble Bundle last night which is from Paizo, and includes over $350 of their Pathfinder books.

Pathfinder is a PnP (Pen and Paper) RPG, an off shoot from AD&D 3.5, so much so it’s usually refered to as AD&D 3.75. It’s considered by most to be the most accessible of the genre, as it’s designed to be both easy to pick up and learn, but also adapt and modify later down the road.

This offer brings together everything you need to not only get started, but to get right into the nitty gritty of the game. So it takes you from the bare basics with the Beginners box, which you can genuinely play through solo. Then onto 3 player games (1DM and 2 players) and up.

Included are a lot of source materials, from stand alone modules that can be played in a few hours, upto the mammoth world scenarios that are longer.

Also included in the bundle, if you spend $25 or more, is the physical beginners boxset, which i highly recommend getting….if you can afford the shipping. Saddly due to the contents being quite heavy, international shipping is quite expensive. For me it would of cost over $60, so i didn’t bother.

The books are split into tiers:

The $1 Tier includes:

  • Core Rulebook 
  • Game Mastery Guide
  • Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Beginner Box (Digital)
  • Player Character Folio
  • Advanced Class Guide
  • GM Screen
  • Adventure Path: In Hell’s Bright Shadow (Hell’s Rebels 1 of 6)

The $15 tier includes:

  • Ultimate Magic

  • Ultimate Campaign

  • Ultimate Combat

  • Bestiary 2

  • Adventure Path: Dance of the Damned (Hell’s Rebels 3 of 6)

  • Inner Sea Poster Map Folio

  • Pathfinder Society: Year of the Sky Key Scenario Mega-Pack (23 Adventures!)

The Beat the Average Tier ($17.03 at the time of writing) includes:

  • Inner Sea World Guide

  • Strategy Guide

  • Bestiary

  • Ultimate Equipment

  • Pathfinder Society Scenario 7-01: Between the Lines

  • Adventure Path: Turn of the Torrent (Hell’s Rebels 2 of 6)

  • Advanced Player’s Guide

The $25 Tier includes:

  • Free physical version of the Beginners Boxset. Excludes Shipping.

Everything, other than the Physical tier, are PDF’s that you download from the Paizo website using the codes provided by Humble.

Of course not everyone has access to group of players to play with, but with how easy this system is it’s easy to use with VTT’s like Fantasy Grounds or Roll20, which both have strong Pathfinder sections. Roll20 you can use for free as well.

Now, it has to be said there’s a hiccup here, either Paizo honestly did’t think this was going to do well, or they didn’t listen to HumbleB who would have advised them, or they’re idiots. I’m hoping it’s not the last, however the Humble sale brought their website to it’s knees yesterday, and even today it’s still not stable. What’s more you can’t download the files at the moment because the files are ‘watermarked’ with your account details (unobtrusivly you have to look to find it), as a way to protect their IP. However because of the large number of requests it’s killed the system, leading to some heated arguments on the forums, and in the twitch stream yesterday.

Despite this however I have to say that this deal is to be snapped up asap, you wont get this amount of PnP material this cheep again anytime soon. So if you’ve even a passing interest in PnP pick it up, even if you just gamble with the $1 tier, it’s money well spent IMO!

The Sale runs for another 13 days, as of this writing. So what ya waiting for!! Get over to Humble Bundle and grab it!!

If I can convince a few others I may do a YouTube series of this!

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