UPDATE: Dying Light: The Following is Set for Another Year

Techland has announced that Dying Light will receive full support for another year after receiving critical acclaim for its expansion: The Following.

Ceo of Techland, Paweł Marchewka, released a letter of gratitude towards the fans of Dying Light; sincerely expressing his gratitude for the reception of the game and its expansion. Following countless awards for the smooth parkour gameplay, exciting new features with the expansion, and exciting co-operative gameplay, the CEO is excited to reveal their intentions of further developing the game. 

Dying Light_20150227233117

Marchewka urges that fans continue to provide feedback to the game, so it can be developed and perfected to meet as many gaming needs as possible.

“-This is my personal request to all of you: share your impressions with us. You can do it through one of our social media channels, our official forum, or simply by e-mail. We want to hear about all your stories, ideas and problems you could have. As the Dying Light franchise goes forward, let us also know where you want to see it headed. We strongly believe in active collaboration between our design team and you, players who every day fight for survival in the world of Dying Light.”


As a personal fan of Dying Light, I look forward to what is to come with continued development.

Check out my full review of Dying Light: The Following here.

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