App Review – MUJO

Puzzle Role-Playing game is a genre you won’t find often, but I find them oddly satisfying compared to the many other branches of RPGs. Most of the time, you can find a extensive variety of gameplay while searching in for the genre.




The Aesthetics

The biggest factor in me checking out an app, is it’s icon. Is it neat? From the previews, does anything look off? MUJO drew me in with it’s vector art style and influence from Greek mythology. Something I found not too polished was the menu system. Most of the menu is comprised of a lists and when buttons fly onto the screen into a list, I feel a little off. Or it might just be me.

The Gameplay

As you might have seen in the picture earlier, your goal is to defeat an enemy by matching tiles. Stacking is the concept where instead of clicking on 3 swords and dealing three damage. you bond them into one strong tile worth 9 damage. This ‘unique’ stacking mechanic puts a twist on matching games. If there were three tiles in a row, you could bond into the first, second, or third column; leaving the other two columns to fall one space. MUJO easily avoided being a mindless game and there is STILL so much left to the game. There are experience, bomb, and chest tiles; Greek gods you can level up and more I haven’t touched on.Screenshot_2016-03-22-15-59-26[1]


I know Puzzle RPGs aren’t most people’s thing. You’d probably have to lean more towards puzzles or else you might as well play any other form of RPGs, but take my word that from the limited amount of games coming out of the genre, this solid place to start.