One Piece Film Gold Lines Up

One Piece Film Gold

Beginning Saturday, TOHO cinemas will begin airing a special video animation of One Piece Film Gold. The video features line art drawn by One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda who will be serving as the film’s executive producer, and will serve to promote TOHO Cinemas. It will also include a shot of the new black leather outfits the Straw hat crew will be sporting for the film.

The last time Oda served as executive producer for a One Piece movie, was for the previous movie in the franchise, One Piece Film Z, which turned out to be a huge success as most things One Piece tend to be.

Read more about the Straw Hats going Gold in our previous article on the film and be sure to continue checking The Buttonsmashers for the latest updates as the come in.

Adrian Moses

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