App Review – Jump Warrior

I didn’t really think much of this “simple one-tap rpg”, but as I played it felt more like an arcade game with a progression system, which I was all over.

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The main concept of Jump Warrior is leaping from pillar to pillar killing enemies. An arrow sways from side to side representing the angle and once you click the screen, you hold down to control the strength of your jump. Seems easily if your just aiming for a massive rock, but you actually have to set your sights on the enemy or it’ll deal damage to you. I had a great time playing, but I really wasn’t a fan of the rpg elements. Sure I’m fine with leveling and increasing your health stats, but earning armor and weapons just felt unnecessary.

Checkpoints are placed at regular intervals around 25, but here’s the problem. They don’t show up until you’ve died like a hundred times and I find myself frustrated at the game many times when I’ve passed the interval by ten and a checkpoint is nowhere to be found. This limits how far you can go in one session, which the only reason where this would be acceptable is if there is an “end” to the game, which the game isn’t streamlined for an end. There is some semblance of an end in a boss you can fight, which you can reach by landing on a pillar with a portal. There gridded “arena” where you have to land on highlighted square or else damage won’t be dealt and damage will be received.

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Overall Jump Warrior is a captivating arcade-like, rouge-like, rpg-like that has practically no luck involved with the gameplay. I highly recommend it to those interested in challenging their skills. Give it a try and tell me how it