App Review – Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

I never owned the original Game Boy, but the handheld was a big hit to many others. Tiny Dangerous Dungeons takes many inspirations from the console and is presented perfectly on Android, iOS, and even PC.



This Action-Platformer can be completed in about 2-3 hours for a first run through, depending on familiar you are with the genre. Now don’t think that just because the game isn’t long doesn’t the experience isn’t worth while. Progression and improvement is steady as you learn the enemies patterns, maneuver platforms with tight jumps, and find upgrades. There is even your fair share of hidden heart containers that make you extra special when you find them.



Speedrunning is when you complete a goal in the fast time possible such as beating the game and Tiny Dangerous Dungeons even includes a mode just for this. After completing the game for the first time I went back and did a time trial. I reached around 20 minutes and I was incredibly happy that I got the chance to try out speedrunning. Most other speedruns take much longer and I don’t want to divulge into 3 hour sessions, even with my want to try it out.

Overall a solid game that I would happily keep on my phone when I need a quick cure for boredom. I’d recommend anyone and everyone to try out Tiny Dangerous Dungeons.