Are we Seaworthy Enough for “The Last Leviathan?”

The Last Leviathan is an in-the-works game from Super Punk Games that hit Steam Early Access on June 22. This one is pretty unique: it’s a physics-based ship design and adventure title that will eventually offer a pretty large story campaign, a major sandbox adventure and design mode, and some fun versus features. The game is fairly early on in development, though, so right now the story campaign is not available.

In this First Look video, I mainly focus on the crux of what’s available currently in Early Access: Creative Sandbox. Here, we get a lot of tools at our disposal to build whatever ship we like and then take it out for a spin on the high seas. You might think this sounds pretty simple on the surface, but the game has a fairly robust physics engine which means a lot of careful consideration needs to go into your ship design. Naturally, it needs to have proper weight distribution in order to stay right-side up in the water, but it also must be light weight enough not to immediately sink to the ocean floor! I take a little time to explain the basic ideas to you as I build a ship that, I think, ends up looking pretty cool. 🙂

This is a game that’s definitely worth keeping an eye on. The sandbox mode is certainly enjoyable, but I’m also curious to see how the main story campaign works out to be.

If you enjoy what you see here, you can get The Last Leviathan via Steam right now (Early Access) for $9.99 USD.

Jessica Brown

Retro Games and Technology Editor. She'll beat pretty much every Mega Man game without breaking a sweat.