Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer


Nintendo Just unveiled their new home console via a trailer, and boy is it something.  The system is a home console that converts into a handheld device as most people were speculating. The platform is almost 100% what the rumors have been pointing to with a controller that attaches itself to the main processing unit and allows the user to take their gaming on the go, cartridge based storage, and bases that allows the system to be played at home on the tele.


The system was also showed to be running some first and third party titles including Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, A 3D Mario title, NBA, and Skyrim.

We’re sure we’ll learn much more about the platform and it’s specs soon enough, but for now it seems to have sufficient power based on the trailer:

Lastly this post won’t serve to have much about our opinions on the platform,  but rather just be to showcase the trailer and let you come to your own opinions. We’ll share ours later.

The Nintendo Switch, as the platform is called will be released during March 2017. Keep checking The Buttonsmashers for more updates on the Switch and other Nintendo News as they become available to us.

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