Closed Beta Begins | Jump Into Revelation Online Now


Founder Pack owners, contest winners, and selected players will be able to take their very first steps into the highly anticipated MMORPG. Today players can create characters on the North American or European server of Revelation Online to explore Nuanor all the way to level 49. During this first technical testing stage, access will be opened to 10 versus 10 battlegrounds, the Hot Springs zone, and four dungeons with various difficulty levels: Trial of the Four Kings, Darkfall, Deserted Shrine, and Misty Hollow.


Founders Packs:

Discover the lands of Nuanor with any of the three packs – Explorer Pack, Founder Pack, Deluxe Pack. Any of the three packs will give players exclusive rewards including; two exclusive costumes and titles, a unique war horse, a set of wings, several months of Premium and boost packs

The world of Nuanor opens its doors today Be sure to sign up and keep checking thebuttonsmashers.comfor updates as they’re released.

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