Are You Mentally Prepared To Choose Your Farming Sim Waifu?

I can’t remember the last time I was genuinely excited for a Harv… I mean Story of Seasons game. Since the series changed names I haven’t played much of the titles for numerous reasons that I won’t get into at this time, but I do think that Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns just might be the title to get me back into this franchise.


So far all of the screens, trailers and other information I’ve seen related to the game all look like what I’ve come to expect from these types of games. This time around it seems to be focused on the day to day easy going life that I enjoyed from earlier entries in the series. I’m also quite happy with the interesting selection of eligible Bachelorettes in the game. I already have my eyes on a few, and will be narrowing down my choice  to one soon enough.

So far the choices we have available include:


Easily the character I’m least interested in. She seems like the safe choice for those that want a nice caring waifu that will treat them nicely, and take care of the kids… What does she feel this is REAL LIFE? …..boring.


She’s usually the kind of girl that I’d go for in a game like, IF, and only if there are no other interesting daring characters around. I’m Thinking Yukiko from Persona 4.


If anything, I gotta say I’m really loving the short hair she’s working with, plus she wearing that maid outfit. Sadly she may be the tomboy childhood friend type of the bunch, and I’m not sure she’ll win me over, but you never know.


OH YES!! I can smell the sweet Tsundere aroma all over this one. She’s gonna scold me, tell me off, although she’s secretly totally into me, but way too shy/stubborn to share her true feelings. Don’t worry though. Once we’ve broken down those walls there’ll be no one cuter.


Another one of those nice girls types, but this ones seems kinda shy. She’s likely the type of girl that you’ll have to become a flower delivery service man to win over. No thanks.

You’ve all probably guessed who I’m aiming for, but what about you, who’s caught your attention? You can make your definitive choice when STORY OF SEASONS: Trio of Towns makes it’s way to the Nintendo 3DS on February 28th 2017.

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    1. Nice choice bud. My last childhood friend romance in a game was Tohko from AKIBA’S TRIP: UNDEAD & UNDRESSED. It was all about those biker shorts, but I doubt I’ll do the same with this one.

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