How To PC For A Console Gamer Part 6

In this series we will show you how PC gaming can be easy to do and how setting up a custom PC from parts is doable for anyone even a console gamer or new gamer who has never built one before. Zach our resident custom PC builder who has been building PC’s for over 10 years now will walk Tim a purely console gamer his entire life how to build his first custom PC. Zach will walk Tim through unboxing all the parts, laying them out and installing each piece ending up at installing the software that runs your PC.

PC gaming today is a smart investment as parts can be bought for relatively cheap and upgraded over time. The customization is endless and your budget is your only limit. In this day and age PC gamers not only get basically every game imaginable (except SOME console exclusives) from sources like STEAM, Uplay, Origin and several others but upon release date can usually find the game cheaper than their console counterpart from sources such as and which help offset some of the cost of parts. Many of the Microsoft exclusive titles now can be found on the microsoft store which was introduced in Windows 10, along with that also brings cross platform play between Xbox and PC and other games such as Rocket League bring it to STEAM with PS4 Vs. PC Vs Xbox. As we assume many will adopt this practice moving forward PC may be the one place to play with all your friends.

Obviously all PC parts are slightly different and each build will reflect those differences but when you break it down they are all very similar and this guide will be all you need to do it yourself. Obviously if you decide you want to build your own Zach is always ready and willing to help you with yours through skype or social media you can find him on twitter @The_Darklegend. Now without anymore waiting lets get to it.

Part 6 of “How to PC for a Console Gamer”

In Part six we break it down unboxing the HyperX Alloy FPS keyboad and installing the OS (Operating System) onto the SSD.

Parts Break Down:
Case – Cooler Master N200 – Micro ATX Mini Tower
Motherboard – 
CPU – AMD A10-7870K Godavari Quad-Core 
Powersupply – 
EVGA Gold SuperNOVA 750
32GB HyperX Savage
250GB HyperX Savage
eyboard – HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

HyperX Butt II
HyperX Revolver

Finished Build

Thank you for checking out Part 6 of How to PC for a Console Gamer. If you enjoyed this please stay tuned for the rest of the series and leave us a comment on YouTube or Here to let us know what you think. If you are curious about our parts or anything else you can find them above or ask us and we would be more than happy to answer any questions. Again a HUGE Thank You to HyperX Gaming for there support and drive to bring amazing PC parts that are Plug and Play friendly.

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