Voice of Battousai comes the AEX this July

Summer in Trinidad and Tobago just got hotter with the recent announcement that English voice actor Richard Hayworth, best known for his role as legendary swordsman Kenshin Himura, has been added to the guest list for this year’s ALIAS Entertainment Expo this July. Hope you have your tickets!

ALIAS 2017, themed “The Apocalypse” kicks off on Friday July 28th, running right through to Sunday July 30th 2017 at the Center of Excellence, Macoya, Trinidad and Tobago. Hayworth, also known as Richard Cansino, will be making his first ever appearance to the Caribbean island alongside american voice actor Sean Schemmel, english voice of both King Kai and Goku from the Dragon Ball series, and famed model, cosplayer and costume designer Yaya Han.

ALIAS Entertainment Expo has been one of the largest Anime, Comic and Gaming and Cosplay conventions held in Trinidad and Tobago annually for some time, always finding a way to step it up each year. Without a doubt, Rurouni Kenshin did in fact give birth to the the love of anime within an entire generation and as Hayworth isn’t known to have many convention appearances, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Do you have your ticket yet?

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