Humble tinyBuild Bundle Launched

tinyBuild just launched the Humble tinyBuild Bundle including 12 games. The top-tier is at $39.99 offering players a great deal on the Pre-Order and Alpha Access for Hello Neighbor. The game has so far been in what we call “Early Alpha Access“, giving people who pre-order a taste of the latest alpha state of the game, gather feedback, and use it for making the game better. Early Access to Hello Neighbor normally costs $29.99, however, with the humble bundle, for an extra $10 fans can get insane value out of this and additional games.

Here’s the entire bundle:

Pay What You Want Tier:
  1. Divide by Sheep
  2. Road to Ballhalla
  3. No Time to Explain Remastered
  4. SpeedRunners
  5. No Time to Explain Remastered OST
  6. Divide by Sheep OST
Pay More Than Average:
  1. Party Hard
  2. The Final Station
  3. ClusterTruck
  4. Guts and Glory
  5. Punch Club Deluxe
Pay $15 or more:
  1. The Final Station: The Only Traitor DLC
  2. Streets of Rogue
Pay $39.99 or more:
  1. Hello Neighbor pre-order (includes artbook and songs)

Free for anyone!
  1. Party Hard 2 (alpha)

Adrian Moses

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