Dive into dragons with stylish Earth Night


The near future.

The world is uninhabitable after the great apocalypse. Dragons swarm in the skies as far as the eye can see. Up in orbit, a few brave human survivors decide to take back their homeland.

Diving from the safety of their satellites, two brave heroes plunge into the swarm of dragons, engaging in fierce battles on their quest to reach the surface of Terra Firma.


Earth Night was one of the most fun demos I had the pleasure of playing at PAX West. The levels (dragon’s backs) were bright and colorful, and I absolutely loved the upbeat invigorating music. I played as the crusty old guy Stanley, with the simpler controls. Players with a little more experience can pick Sydney, a more spry and nimble character with built in double jump. Either character can slam down onto enemies below, ending a jump early. There are lots of colorful collectibles to gather while running along the dragon’s back, and at the end of the stage, you stab the dragon you were on in a manner reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus. Then you dive off to face the next dragon!

Described as a endless runner with depth, each run begins in space. The player must traverse eight beautifully painted layers of the atmosphere, alternating between skydiving and running on the backs of dragons on the perilous journey down to Earth. Unlike other runner games, there is an end — the planet’s surface is the final world: EarthNight.

Earth Night uses “hand-designed procedural generation.” Each dragon (level) is broken down into three chunks: a beginning, middle and end. Each of these chunks has at least five hand-designed variations that spawn procedurally according to a set of rules. This means the most basic dragons have 125 different potential layout variations.

EarthNight will be launching on PS4 and then coming to iOS, Android, PS Vita, Mac and PC shortly after. I really loved the handpainted look of the levels paired with the amazing music from I’m looking forward to the Vita version on the go, and when I asked about a Switch version, Cleaversoft would not rule out the possibility later,although not currently in development, .

Tim Bledsoe

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