tinyBuild brings the fun to PAX West

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They may be called tinyBuild, but this plucky developer was a huge presence at Pax West this month. The mighty orange booth almost rivaled Nintendo for size, and there were some exciting games to see inside. Let’s check out what’s coming from Tiny Build!



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This game has to be seen in motion to be appreciated. You played lava as a kid, right? Touch the floor and you die? Ok, now swap the couch and ottoman for a fleet of insanely driven trucks. That’s right, you have to jump and parkour your way over a horde of trucks crashing and diving off cliffs as they go until you reach the stage’s goal. Bold leaps are required, and death is frequent, but the game starts right up again, challenging you to try just one more time.


There is no arguing with the rush you’ll get when you leap from truck to truck while in free fall plunging from a cliff, as missles or boulders pass inches from you. Seriously, give this one a look. ClusterTruck launched on Steam today!


Party Hard Tycoon

Building on last year’s smash hit, Party Hard, tinyBuild has created a truly engaging tycoon game. This time, you are the party organizer, and every aspect of planning the party is under your control. You start by picking a venue, and then place items like speakers, lights, and bars through to maximize your guest’s enjoyment. Every item, including promotion for the party costs money, so be sure you absolutely need a Humvee before you place it in the center of your party!


Many of the entertainers and bouncers you can hire have tongue in cheek pop culture references, and many humorous situations develop organically as your guests stream into the party. Maybe putting the DJ in the bathroom wasn’t such a good idea? The intuitive and easy to understand interface encourages crazy experimentation, and you’ll be having a blast before the party even starts. Party Hard Tycoon will be available soon on Steam.

Mr. Shifty


Mr. Shifty is a fast paced teleportation-fueled heist that will have you gripping the controller tight, and hitting restart quite a few times. As Mr. Shifty, the player tries to break into the world’s most secure facility in this top down view action game. One hit, one bullet, one wrong move and Mr. Shifty is down, and you’ll be back to the start of the level. Fortunately Mr. Shifty has the power of teleportation, and can phase through walls, enemies, or even bullets if timed right.


Enemies will be confused as Mr. Shifty appears from a wall behind them, and jumps can be strung together to create a beautiful ballet of death. Mr. Shifty’s powers have a cool-off period after several uses, so planning jumps becomes important, especially when enemies are swarming like in the pulse pounding stage near an elevator that I got to try out. He’s pretty shifty, but keep an eye on this Steam page for Mr. Shifty to launch soon.

tinyBuild gave us a lot to look forward to over the coming year, be sure to keep checking out TheButtonSmashers.com for updates on games from this awesome developer.


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