Unfinished Pixel Adding Ads to Their Games

Super Soccer Blast Publisher, Unfinished Pixel will now add a whole new dimension to their super-fast and dynamic arcade-gameplay on PC and console: brand advertisements powered by Anzu.io.

With a clear goal of consistent monetary gain, the publisher will be serving ads in the game exactly as they do in real-life soccer games – on billboards, banners, and other natural placements. The players, heavily focused in the USA and across Europe, will notice these ads in-game.

Unfinished Pixel will join Anzu’s other gaming partners, including Toplitz Productions, Vivid Games, APB Reloaded, and Zula, who are adding a new, sustainable, and non-disruptive income stream via Anzu’s revolutionary in-game advertising technology.

About Anzu

Anzu, a company positioned at the center of gaming and advertising, is creating new industry standards on the heels of their recent distinction as the first and only in-game ad company to receive an ISO 27001 certificate, which gives developers and advertisers confidence that user data is handled properly. Other partnerships, which provide confidence to advertisers and in turn translate to more revenues for game developers, include Anzu’s collaboration with fraud-detection solution Forensiq, the first-ever ad verification solution in partnership with CHEQ, and unprecedented campaign effectiveness measurement together with Nielsen Connectivity. Anzu is the first in-game advertising platform to bring these trusted AdTech solutions to in-game campaigns.

Supper Soccer Blast is now available for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC via Steam.

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