HERMES P2 RGB First Impressions

With thousands of companies releasing new keyboards and countless variations of them each year, we’re always looking to see what is new, what has specific options, and what feels and looks the best. Luckily for you this is the third impression of GAMDIAS keyboards. Previously we have reviewed their HERMES E1 Combo, HERMES P3, and now we’ve had the pleasure of looking at the HERMES P2.

Upon receiving the HERMES P2 the first thing that caught my eye was the design of the keyboard. Like I said in my short first impression video the keyboard has a unique “Battle Ready” design or at least I think it does. With the thicker back side coming to a thin edge at the wrist rest.


Speaking of wrist rests, let’s start with that on our first impression of the Hermes P2. The wrist rest that the P2 sports is specifically engineered for this keyboard which leads it to be the perfect pitch for comfortable wrist resting during intense gaming sessions. I will say however though like I said in the video, the wrist rest is designed into the build and is not removable which for myself is not an issue but, if you’re not a wrist rest fan or don’t have the extra space on your desk for a bigger keyboard that may be a draw back. However, for myself and my situation this is not an issue and I enjoy the wrist rest personally.


The next part and the part that most caught my eye not only on this specific GAMDIAS product is the metal framing around the keyboard. Much like the P3 and the HERMES E1 Combo the HERMES P2 sports a rock solid metal body frame that not only adds visual appeal and weight but, also adds to the life expectancy and abuse the board will take if you happen to rage quit occasionally.


Sporting the revolutionary GAMDIAS certified optical switches, if you aren’t sure what is so different over your standard switch and a GAMDIAS Optical switch let me break it down. The switch that the P2 rocks not only can perform under a bent PCB and in that case can be swapped out for a new switch with the easy key/switch puller that comes with the HERMES P2. Other than being able to easily replace keys and switches the P2 rocks a switch difference of 2mm which is less than half the standard mechanical keyboard distance of 5mm, this not only feels great on my fingers but makes shifting between and input speeds just that much faster.


Before I get to bragging about the HERA software and the epic LED show that I have rocking let me mention the HERMES P2 also has one other feature that I haven’t seen on other GAMDIAS keyboards that i’ve reviewed and that feature is a volume scroll wheel in the top right of the keyboard. Now many of you may think “Eh i don’t mind pressing Fn and F9 (or whatever the combo is)” and I’d agree i’ve been dealing with volume control with combos for a while now but, my old favorite keyboard had this option and I must say I’ve missed it immensely. The ease of raising, lowering, and muting my audio all with one finger is something that I missed for a very long time and I’m very glad GAMDIAS put that feature into the HERMES P2.

The final thing I’d like to mention is the ease the HERA software once again brings to the GAMDIAS line of products. I won’t harp on it to long here as I’m planning an entire article just on the HERA Software with the products I currently have. I will however say that RGB offered in the HERMES P2 is gorgeous and it looks breathtaking alongside the RGB fans in my case and RGB on my Motherboard. The HERA software is the brains behind the beautiful effects, variations and so much more from assigning new profiles, macros and so much more.

I must say after reviewing the HERMES P3 I wasn’t sure what it would be like to go back to a HERMES P2 but I will be the first to admit I struggle each time I get ready for a long gaming session on which keyboard I should be using. The P2 is a brilliant design with amazing keys and a comfortable wrist rest. However is is a bit bigger than the P3. I will say both keyboards are brilliant and that if you’re looking for a $120 to $150 range keyboard I couldn’t recommend the HERMES P2 enough.


If you’d like to purchase the HERMES P2 you can find it on NEWEGG or by clicking this link.

Zach Auld

Explosive, outspoken Podcaster/ Streamer