Steam gets a music media player !!

Steam Music

So as usual I’m a regular scatter brain and my bro Mario isn’t. He brought it to my attention that steam had added a music feature and recommended that I check it out. As you can see in the video above I’m super excited by what this new feature has to offer, and not just because of the fact that it plays music, but rather for the immense possibilities that this and the past few steam updates have proven. Steam is a big boy now and it’s starting to show its stripes. It’s becoming the “PC console”. What’s a PC console? Well to be quite frank it’s what steam is. It’s a home console experience on your PC. Previously all these features like media players, VGR, etc were all available on PC too but they were all separate applications that worked independent of each other this is all good and all but modern home consoles have proven that no one really wants to have to (Shift, Tab) in game to access their iTunes or run it on the second screen while the game runs in windows mode. The fact is that process is tedious. So thank you steam for that sweet new update, and what’s next?

Screenshot (595)

Steam has been on a constant update roll all week. So much so that I’m super curious as to what they’ll add next; in game DVR, Netflix support, live stream capability? Well whatever it is I’m sure it’ll have us all excited.

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  1. Your a little behind the times bro, music was rolled out months ago on steam. The problem is that no one wants these updates and the updates we do want (looking at you steam cloud) just aren’t coming because Valve aren’t interested in fixing them.

    Steam is more and more becoming about looking glam but offering little in the way of substance to back it up, in other words it’s becoming a AAA game of the digital delivery world 😀

    For what it’s worth, the music addition is terrible. It’s fine if you’ve only got one or two albums. But it’s a nightmare to navigate if, like me, you’ve over 10tb of music. Not to mention multiple language issues that cause it not to work properly.

    As it stands right now you’re still better off using itunes or spotify