Hyper Sports R Coming to Switch | E3 2018

Remember as a kid there was that one game about the Olympics? That one game that wasn’t really on a major console but you loved to play with your friends and family? At E3 2018, Konami Digital Entertainment revealed HYPER SPORTS R to spark nostalgia and bring back family fun.

Hyper Sports R LogoHYPER SPORTS R adds a new dimension to the sports game genre. It will incorporates a mainline story campaign, unique characters, motion controls and a strong line-up of modern athletic events. You will compete in a variety of individual and team sports, and train as a team to reach the top. The game will allow for up to four players at once to spark that friendly competition between friends, all on the Nintendo Switch.



Hyper Sports R Key Features:

  • Compete in a variety of sports, including Track and Field, Beach Volleyball and much
  • Enjoy fun gameplay modes:
    • Quick Play: Play with up to four friends for a quick gameplay experience.
    • Campaign: Single-player mode; Train a team by completing various competitions and character story lines.
  • Choose from a wide variety of characters with unique backgrounds
  • Compete with up to four players using Switch Joy-Con™ controllers for classic control, or opt for a more intuitive gameplay using motion controls during Quick Play mode

While at E3 2018 I got a little hands on experience with the HYPER SPORTS R. The controls were picked up almost immediately. The mini games are straightforward and as such easily drive the competition between players. Play to win for your team or satisfy your character’s own personal objective. You get a say in how you play. As a result, mixed with the quirkiness of the characters, its so easy to loose yourself in the play.

The promise of the story campaign is nothing but additionally enticing. Win to earn sponsors and earn that much needed money. Use your pay day to hire coaches or just on cosmetic upgrades, your choice. With the opportunity to unlock new characters and figure out their complicated and hilarious backstories, the game promises to be exciting solo as well. And the best part; No micro transactions!

With no set release date, HYPER SPORTS R is one of those games we’ll just have to await with baited breath. It’s fun colorful exterior mixed with the unlimited replay value marks this as a must have to all Switch owners.

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