My Hero One’s Justice early DLC Confirmed

My Hero One’s Justice drops this Friday but not without a few added surprises. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America just confirmed the details of the My Hero One’s Justice DLC that is expected upon release.

Flame_Hero_EndeavorFlame Hero Endeavor and Deku Shoot Style will be made available as DLC playable characters upon release. Endeavor, the Number 2 Hero of Japan and Shoto Todoroki’s father, will automatically be made available for fan who pre-order the game. Additionally, Endeavor will be available as paid DLC for anyone who does not pre-order the game after release. The Deku Shoot Style playable character will also be made available as a free download on release day.

Bonus characters wouldn’t be much fun without bonus gameplay to back them up right? Fans who have unlocked Endeavor and/or Deku Shoot Style will be able to purchase new character missions for the respective characters through their platform’s respective online stores.

It has also been revealed that My Hero One’s Justice will have a day-one patch update to incorporate Arcade Deku_Shoot_Style_vs_All_for_OneMode.  Arcade Mode is a ladder-style tournament where players will compete against several CPU opponents. Completing Arcade Mode with different characters will unlock exclusive items.

With the early DLC confirmations, more DLC additions seem to be a possibility later on. BANDAI also went ahead to confirm that the game will be voiced entirely in Japanese. While there will be no dubs, the game will feature English, French, Italian, German and Spanish subtitles.

My Hero One’s Justice drops Friday 26th October, in just a few days. The game comes to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems for $59.99USD.

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