App Review – Game of Dice

Monopoly is a board game frowned upon by most, but I never understood how it would break up friends. Game of Dice is a gamer/mmo version of “The Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game”.

Isabelle 1

Most of the spaces are similar to Monopoly which the exception of:

Mini Battle – Pick a coin when landed on. If the foe guesses wrong you earn money. The wager increases by the amount of times this square has been visited.


Golden Ox – Multiplies property tolls on the player who lands on it. Levels up every time a player lands on it.

Fortune and Misery Road – Strays you into the respective path. the next three blocks have unique effects that can change the game drastically.

These add more of a competitive feel to the game and could be vital to either winning or losing.



Characters, dice and skill cards are what makes this simple board game an mmo. Characters have abilities such as paying less on cities or bailing from jail. Dice have a variety of effects depending on which one you use. I think that the abilities attached to them are unnecessary and make Game of Dice more complicated than it should be. It rewards those who have enough money to level up their character/dice.

On the other hand I lovveeee the idea of skill cards. There currently  two hundred and fifty-six different skill cards have a variety of effects from forcing your opponent to land on tax or earning a random un-owned property if you roll a 10 or higher. This small deck-building mechanic really helps the skill side to Game of Dice as everything else practically revolves around chance.


Overall I had a bunch of fun with this mmo, even though I’m never lucky. While Game of Dice is a lot of glitter, there is still substance. Spend lots of time deck building, carefully using your gold and gems, and have a lady luck on your side. If you love board games but don’t have people to play with, I’d recommend this to you.