The Gaming Industry is Stupid and Here’s Why

OK, so it’s official, I’m officially fed up of the levels of stupid in the gaming industry these days. Oh, and I’m not talking about the practices of developers who take the piss by placing exploitative microtransactions in their games, or delivering underdeveloped facsimiles proclaiming that they’ll be updated into being a full product over a period of time while still charging full price for them, and their updates separately. What I’m really fed up of are the morons who cultivate these ridiculous practices then go online to complain about developers and publishers taking a huge hot stinky dump on them. Like WHAT THE FRAK is with people these days? These entitled p$!@ks buy games before they are release just because of hype. They don’t do research or wait for reviews, just gut purchase then get angry when they get a dud.

How is this a thing?

How can they be this stupid, like is stupid being handed out for free at corner shops around the globe, and I’m just not noticing it?

Let’s be real folks, most devs, and certainly publishers don’t care about you or for the most part about the games you adore. Their primary focus is their bottom-line, because they need to pay themselves, their shareholders, and at the same time turn a profit or go obsolete. Yes there are a few exceptions who ride the fine middle ground between profit, and delivering a quality product that appeases their consumer, but those are the unicorns. The gaming industry is filled with trash, and it’s the abundance of stupid that props them up.

Question: How can you pre-order something without knowing if it’s good or not? The idea of that is just absurd, isn’t it?

In the Caribbean we call that “Cat in bag”. Why would you buy something without knowing if it’s good first? Oh and I need an answer for that, because I plain don’t understand how that would work. No man Sky, FIFA, Star Wars Battlefront, Destiny, Fallout 76.

What do all these games have in common?

The answer, they all have vocal communities of morons who plague the internet with their stupid. These vocal communities are your pre-order culture fodder drones who purchase anything new and popular. They don’t use logic in their purchases, and I assume they operate on 1% brain power, or maybe a hamster runs on a wheel in their heads, I honestly don’t know. These entitled fools then find themselves a nice spot on the interwebs to complain about their purchase. They blame the publishers, they blame the developers, they blame the hype, they blame the press, but never themselves. No one made you buy the game. EA didn’t hold you up and say buy FIFA. Fallout 76 isn’t a equivalent to food and water. This is a choice, a conscious choice, no matter how little of that consciousness you may use. You chose to buy it before doing the research, before waiting to learn more about it, and then you get angry when it’s not what you expected.

Are you kidding me?

That’s a rhetorical question by the way…

You can’t be kidding, because you people exist and you make up a majority of the online gaming population it seems. I’m not even sure if logic works on you brain dead tools, but here I am trying to apply logic to your actions.

I didn’t always work in this industry, and I certainly didn’t always get games for free. I still don’t get all games for free, and you know what? I always watch reviews before making a purchase. Oh and not just one from my favorite website or YouTuber. Nah that’s just one prospective. One opinion. What I need is an amalgamation of opinions to help make an educated choice. It’s for that reason that I always recommend people checking other outlets for opinions and not just taking our word as gold. We’re individuals just like you, and we certainly have our own biases and flaws. For example, any Persona game that crosses my desk is likely to get an easier time than a shooter like Destiny. I have my biases, my likes, and dislikes. It’s for that reason that if you ever watch any review from me I’m thankful, but you should also try to get a second or third opinion.

Oh and I hear some of you wanks saying, “but Q you’re missing something. We need to pre order because if not we won’t get that special item or character”.

So let me get this straight. You can’t play the game without that item or character? Ask yourself this: What if it didn’t exist? Would the game be unplayable? If the answer is yes then you have bigger problems my friends. As for those who want that new shiny piece of plastic or special case. Ask yourself where your PS2/PS3 special editions are right now, how many of them have been sold below the cost. Oh and if that doesn’t suit you then ask yourself what will happen to that plastic after you inevitably pass on. You think your kids, wife, brother, sister cares? Nope that’s going either in the trash or a yard sale for 50c. And don’t get me wrong, I love figurines and cool nerd swag too, but not at the cost of buying a game that may not be worth the purchase.

Someone got all of this at a garage sale for $3. let that sink in.

New and shiny doesn’t equate to good

To the bloke that destroyed the Gamestop because Fallout 76 wasn’t what you expected, you are a moron. It’s not Gamestop’s fault you couldn’t make an informed decision, and I hope they find and arrest your dumb arse.

To every person on YouTube buying then commenting that FIFA 19 sucks or is broken, you too are a moron. Well unless of course if you make videos on it and get paid, if you do that then you’re genius and I SALUTE YOUR HUSTLE, the rest of you are morons. I see you every year complaining in comment sections about how you’ll never buy it again or how trash it is then you buy the new one when the hype train comes around next September.

For Those complaining about how Pokemon Lets Go is a let down, you’re extra morons. Nintendo showed off a lot of what that game was and you still bought it. What did you expect? Sheldon Cooper from the big bang theory to pop up on your Switch screen saying “Bazinga, they were kidding, you can actually battle wild Pokemon”.

Seriously, it’s time you people start using more than 1% of those hamster wheels. Give the little guy a redbull or something so that you can at least use 2%, and hopefully that will get you to be patient and make better purchasing choices.

Who am I kidding you guys can’t read. Never mind, nothing to see here.

Qudduws Campbell

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  1. So by your logic I’m a moron for buying Pokemon and not liking it as much as everyone else? My problems with the game is more than what you half assed described up there, but it’s your post and you’re entitled to you opinion on the subject. I’m one of those people that buy microtransactions too and there’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever. What I don’t get is the idiots that complain that microtransactions are in games. They’re completely optional and if I’m enjoying a game a lot I have no problem spending some cash to get extra enjoyment out of it. The problem is everyone thinks that we’re all supposed to feel the same way as they do and we’re insulted, like you just did, for having our thoughts and feelings on the subject. But what do I know I’m just an idiot that can’t read :).

    1. lol, thanks for the feedback. I hope you understand my closing statement was meant as a joke. The rest of my writing was serious though. I don’t think you’re an idiot for what you buy. Those who buy microtransactions or bad games are free to do that. To each their own is what I say to that. The people I consider to be morons are those that buy something before researching it properly then complain about it. I was very clear about that in the article. If you not please feel free to share more feedback.

      1. I put a smiley at the end because I was joking with you there dude :).

        I know what you meant, but some points you made irked me a little because the way you worded it made it feel like you were attacking people with different taste than you. No hard feelings though and, like you said, to each their own. I don’t support games that have pay to win microtransactions like Battlefront 2, but I did throw cash at The Witcher 3, Dragon Age, Warframe (too much money at Warframe lol), etc. Most games I throw money at are MMOs and I do agree that you should research something before you buy it, but I have made a few leaps of faith at some games after knowing next to nothing about them because they were super cheap on Steam. Some of them were good like Darkwood and Frostpunk and some of them were horrible like Samurai Warriors 4-II (pc version is utterly broken) and Dragon Quest Builders,etc. Everyone has different opinions and that’s fine. I respect yours and meant no disrespect with what I said earlier.

        1. Lol yea that’s the thing about text VS video/audio. There’s no way for everyone to grasp emotion from text, and thanks for the smiley.

          It wasn’t my intent to make people feel bad for their gaming preferences. I myself have bought a few DLC in some games because we get games for free, so if I like one that I review I tend to get DLC in it. It’s cool that you’re comfortable with your purchase, and its nice to know that you agree with researching your purchase. I’ve never really taken the plunge except when I was a kid and didn’t have internet. These days I research every purchase lol. Oh and those steam sales can be pretty tempting. If I wasn’t always buried under reviews I’d totally get caught by them. Also i respect your opinion too, and thanks for clarifying.Hope to see you around on some of my other writing, reviews or videos. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to the article.

          1. I’ve been following you for awhile honestly. I’m horrible when it comes to leaving comments because I’m always so busy and focused on my own blog that I forget to leave comments/feedback some times.

            I’m sure it wasn’t your intent to have your work taken the wrong way. I’ve done things like that in the past too. I had people threaten to end my life because of my opinions before so it’s all good dude.

  2. The one time I preordered a game was Recore on Xbox One. I did it solely on the credentials of the makers and we all know how well that turned out. Last time I did that and the only time I got caught up in hype. Lesson learned.

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