Mad Catz AIR Soft Innovates Wireless Mice

What would you say is one of the biggest issues related with owning and using a wireless mouse? I’m sure a lot of you thought about the battery and latency right? What if you didn’t need to worry about that anymore. The Mad Catz AIR Soft seeks to solve that issue by powering the mouse via contact with the mat. The mouse also holds charge for about ten seconds after leaving the mat so lifting it to readjust is also perfectly fine.

The Mat itself does all the heavy lifting and is soft and as comfortable as other Mad Catz mouse Mats with the key difference being that this mat has a cable running to it to power the mouse.

In terms of look and feel the mouse is very similar to the Mad Catz 8+, a top of the line gaming mouse. It has a nice amout of weight similar RGB placement, lots of buttons, great dpi and of course it’s fully customizable using the Mad Catz software.

We’ll hopefully get more time with the device soon so we can tell you more about it before it’s launch. The Mad Catz AIR Soft is due to release later this year along with some other new hardware from the manufacturer.

Qudduws Campbell

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